ZShaolin or How Take Full Advantage of The Power Latent Linux on Your Device Android

Android working on a kernel Linux and this means that many of the GNU/Linux operating system commands can be used from a terminal on the device itself or from via the command adb shell if we work via USB debug.

However, are facing a limited list although Linux offers a list of commands more complete as well as external modules. Jaromil.Rojo, his work has been published in XDA Developers operation ZSh Android, a shell for interactive use with powerful scripting language and the arrival of many new commands to our smartphone.

ZShaolin currently offers support for the following projects:


  • FFMpeg to convert, decode and encode audio/video files.
  • ImageMagick image manipulation
  • Sox to manipulate and convert audio files
  • OggZ for manupular Ogg/Vorbis/Theora files
  • LUA scripting language
  • GNU Awk, Sed, Grep, and Z-Shell

And they also become Tools as they are smaller:

  • VIM and Emacs
  • Git
  • Rsync
  • SSH Secure Shell
  • The Midnight Commander and the Lynx browser
  • GnuPG to encrypt, decrypt, and sign messages and files
  • Lighttpd web server that you can use with Android

ZShaolin It is as a small but very powerful tool you can see so if you are looking for a tools complete to mess with your Android, do not hesitate, take a look on the website of the project.