Xiaomi Confirms My Xiaomi-TWO, The Successor of The Acclaimed My ONE

China is going strong, more than what many ever expected. Far are products that break with nothing and are one plagiarism of others, because they are showing the potential of the Asian giant. Since a few weeks ago we were expectant of what Xiaomi, creators of the MIUI ROM and the Xiaomi MI-ONE they were about to unravel, and it seems that our prayers have been answered.

Does few moments that have confirmed their new terminal, the Xiaomi MI-TWO, direct successor of this terminal that ended up being a success of sales, which also celebrates the second anniversary of the ROM that has given them so successful. Xiaomi MI-TWO is a terminal that will give much to talk about, not only by its power, but also by its very low price.

This terminal presents with similar characteristics to its predecessor, but with a little more than it chicha. Firstly the camera will be of 8 megapixel camera with a new generation of sensors, which will improve considerably the quality of the photographs, as well as an ideal front-facing camera for video calls.

However, if at the beginning the MI-ONE announced with four cores and was left with only two, at the end advances to the four and this time will be to 1.5 GHZ, What gives us a very good power comparable to the high range of many other manufacturers. No doubt it is news that will jump for joy over one.

The screen will not be little, will be a 4.3 inch resolution 1280 × 720, comparable to many tablets in terms of resolution, which gives one definition more than remarkable. It also includes 2GB RAM, a dark beast, and a 16GB ROM, with a 2,000 mAh battery that can be expanded to 3,000, all also with Jelly Bean.

The last thing one can say of this mobile is something missing. Perhaps it would be interesting to see him with NFC, but it would be too demanding. Its price will be very cheap, about 1500 Yuan, which at current Exchange stays in about 250 euros, What can be officially declared as a bargain.