Women of Mucha with Dolores Iguacel

You who follow me on social networks already know, but I had to register here one of the coolest partnerships I’ve ever done – the capsule collection “Mucha Women” in partnership with the brand name Dolores Iguacel .

On my birthday the Argentine designer who started your career in Buenos Aires (five in Brazil), sent me some parts for me to meet your work. Were crowns of flowers a la Lana Del Rei, as necklaces and a tiara “20 years” wonderful-everything I love! I ended up using one of the crowns at the Rock in Rio and the next week I received an email with the invitation to create a collection with them. I was sooo happy! I’m in love with bijoux and the possibility of being able to create my own was a dream. < 3

Set up a meeting and told them about my style, about what inspires me, I mined parts around the world and they were all great for stand up all my ideas and suggestions. After a few meetings, we add the references and inspiration-the works of the artist Alfons Maria Mucha, famous during the period of art nouveau, especially their women, depicted in delicate strokes, but that pass a strong image and impacting on their attitudes. They almost always use flowers and headbands in head and maximum bijoux (like me! RS). Dolores really likes your art, since he visited your Museum in Prague, especially the way he incorporates nature in the illustration, retro style well loaded and discreet sensuality.Women of Mucha with Dolores Iguacel 1

With the idea in your head and materials purchased/produced, were “building” the pieces with the raw materials, on top of our conversation – like a cut and paste! Resin flowers earned the company turtle chains … there came the idea of including a tassel and we were defining the variations and combinations of colors for each model.

Records of the process of creation and production:

I have a degree in marketing and wanted the whole process had an identity. Would be enough for me to help in the creation of the pieces, but in the mass media. =) So your friend invited argentina Dolores Mano Galeotti, designer and Illustrator, to make the art of sketch, stickers and banners from our collection. Wasn’t beautiful? The flowers, of course, there’s inspiration in the paintings of Mucha.

I told Renata Pizza, a friend and former colleague of writing, editor in Chief of ELLE on my project and she wanted to tell with exclusivity in the December issue of the magazine. I almost died of happiness when I saw the note, written with so much affection. Thank You, Re! < 3

The collection is very, very authentic and unusual pieces. The main feature is the mix of materials and shape of playful pieces that combine elements of nature: flowers in resin chains, elephants and beetles with tassel bring more than two color options for model, in 25 parts including necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, earrings, rings, headpieces and a comb/clip. Emphasis on resin, acrylic (turtle), metals with gold bath, brass and aged silver and coloured stones without much sparkle.Women of Mucha with Dolores Iguacel 2

Some of my favorites:

Registered in my images using the collection calls. Each was created with so much affection that it’s hard to choose the main. I love the earrings with flowers, and the elephant – and strong lines and, at the same time, super feminine.

Below the templates that are for sale on the site today – some pieces have won, other it’s sold out, others still have not entered, so always worth to check, because each week will be new models and in other colors. Still much still ahead and I confess that every new combination of colors I want to buy more! =)

Remember that this is a collection of fall/winter, but as the style also fits with the summer, wanted to launch some models now at the end of the year for new year’s Eve and holiday parties at the beach.

Our collection is also on sale at the Gallerist, SalaDesign and, soon, in different lines all over the country. =)

I really appreciate the Dolores and Anaïs by invitation and opportunity, my boyfriend and family for their support and encouragement, and to you, dear readers, who received with great care over this project so important. I couldn’t be more happy and fulfilled! A kiss, Bia.Women of Mucha with Dolores Iguacel 3