What Is Urticaria Nervosa

What Is Urticaria Nervosa

Hives is a disease that can be exacerbated by emotional stress, being often classified popularly by urticaria nervosa. However, the urticaria corresponds to an overreaction of the immune system to drugs, foods, infections, bites, insect, extreme temperatures, sun exposure, stress, among others.

This reaction of the immune system causes symptoms such as lesions on the skin in the form of boards of the red that are characterized by intense itching, irritation and swelling, which appear suddenly and usually disappear in less than 24 hours. Learn more about the symptoms of urticaria nervosa.

When the urticaria is triggered by emotional factors, the causes are generally the excess of work, changes in routine, family conflicts, job loss, frustration, or any other stressor. In this way, the psychological support is very important for the control of the emotions, and thus prevent the hives is triggered by stress.

Treatment for urticaria

Treatment for urticaria nervosa is done with the aim of relieving the symptoms, being most often recommended by dermatologist is the use of antihistamines, that allows relief of the itching and irritation of the skin. The treatment should be followed according to the medical advice, because dosages above or below the recommended may disrupt the treatment of hives, aggravate symptoms or cause other problems.


In addition, when the urticaria is triggered by emotional changes that cause stress or tension, it is recommended to follow-up psychological control of one’s emotions and, thus, avoid crises of hives due to these factors.

The symptoms of hives can also be relieved at home, through bath with oatmeal and lavender, which decreases the itching and irritation of the skin, or by means of a bath with Epson salts and almond oil, since it has anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic and soothing, promoting the well-being and decreasing the irritation of the skin. See how it is done the at home treatment of hives.

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