What Is the Syndrome of Paris

What Is the Syndrome of Paris

The Syndrome of Paris is a psychological disorder rare and transient, which is characterized by the manifestation of various symptoms such as anxiety, neurosis, hallucinations, among others, that affect the tourists that visit paris or other european countries, being very frequent in japanese.

This syndrome can be caused by the high expectations created in relation to the place to where if you are travelling or due to culture shock, for example. The treatment usually consists in the psychological support of the person, by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

What are the symptoms

The most common symptoms that manifest in people who suffer from the syndrome of Paris are hallucinations, increased blood pressure, paranoia, dizziness, neurosis, state of acute delirium, feelings of persecution, destorção of reality, depersonalization, anxiety, increased heartbeat, and increased sweating.

Possible causes

Still not sure what causes this disorder, however, some of the causes that may be at the origin of this syndrome are:

  • Difficulty in the language of the destination country, because usually the japanese do not have training in the French language;
  • Stress caused by culture shock, due to the large difference of behavior at the level of communication and socialization among the French or other europeans in relation to the japanese, who are generally more formal;


  • Fatigue caused by travel and Jet Lag. Here’s how todeal with the Jat Lag to rest and sleep better;
  • The result of a mental disorder latent;
  • Have expectations very high in relation to the location where you will travel and face a completely different reality.

The city of Paris is still very idealized as the city of love, of light, of great beauty and culture, however, is a place where the tourists arrive and are faced with a lot of noise, high population density, contamination, pollution, among others.

How is it treated

If the person shows signs and symptoms characteristic of this syndrome, you should go to a hospital to be able to be evaluated by a doctor, who can prescribe some medicine to alleviate the symptoms.

When the person go back to your country, you should seek psychological help such as a psychotherapist or even a psychiatrist.

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