What Is the Sexônia and How to Treat It

What Is the Sexônia and How to Treat It

The sexônia is a change of sleep that causes the person to have sexual behaviors during sleep, such as do moans, feeling the companion and, so, to start similar movements to the intimate contact or masturbation.

Typically, this type of behavior is more common in men but can also affect women, especially during periods of great stress and tiredness. In addition, anyone who makes frequent use of alcoholic beverages or drugs also presents the greatest risk.

If there are suspicions of sexônia is advised to consult a psychologist, or a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders to confirm the diagnosis and start the treatment which is usually done with medicines and psychotherapy.


The main symptoms

The main symptom of sexônia is the emergence of sexual behavior during sleep, such as:

  • Making sounds with the mouth, as moans;
  • Grope your partner or your own body;
  • Try to initiate intimate contact;
  • Get out of bed and go to bed where is another person;
  • Start movements of masturbation.

Typically, those who suffer with sexônia do not have any recollection of the behaviors that you had during sleep and, therefore, the people with whom you share the bed, or the house may be the first to notice that something is happening.

When confronted with their behavior during sleep, the person can present several negative feelings, such as denial, shame, anger, or sadness, which may further aggravate the crisis of sexônia.


How is it treated

The treatment should be started as soon as possible, to avoid that the person with sexônia continue having negative feelings for their behavior. In most cases, this treatment is done with a combination of medication and psychological therapy.

The drugs used are antidepressants and anxiolytics, such as Alprazolam or Diazepam, because it let the sleep be more peaceful and deep, decreasing the chances of having sexual behaviors.

In addition, to increase the comfort the person during the treatment may also be advised to sleep in a room alone and with the door closed, for example.

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