What Is the Personality Disorder Histrionic

What Is the Personality Disorder Histrionic

The personality disorder histrionic is characterized by excessive emotionality and quest for attention, which usually manifests itself in early adulthood. These people usually feel uncomfortable when not the center of attention, uses physical appearance to capture the attention of the people and are easily influenced.

The treatment consists in the realization of sessions of psychotherapy, and, if the person also suffers from anxiety or depression, it may be necessary to carry out a pharmacological treatment prescribed by the psychiatrist.

What are the symptoms


According to the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the characteristic symptoms that can occur in a person with Personality Disorder Histrionic are:

  • Discomfort when not the center of attention;
  • Inappropriate behavior with other people, characterized often by a approach sexually provocative or seductive;
  • The shallowness and rapid changes in the expression of emotions;
  • Use of physical appearance to draw attention;
  • Recurrence of a speech excessively impressionistic, but with few details;
  • Emotional expression-exaggerated, dramatic, and theatrical;
  • Easily influenced by others or by the circumstances;
  • Considers relationships more intimate than they actually are.

Possible causes


No one knows for sure what is the source of this personality disorder, but it can be related with hereditary factors and experiences of childhood.

How is it treated

Generally, people with this type of personality disorder do not believe they need treatment, unless they develop depression, which can result from the impact that this disorder has on relationships with other people.

Psychotherapy is, in most cases, the first-line treatment for the disorder, histrionic personality, and consists in helping the person identify the motivations and fears that may be at the origin of your behavior and learn to manage them in a more positive way.


If this disorder is associated with anxiety or depression may be necessary to use drugs that must be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

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