What Is the Personality Disorder Esquizoide

What Is the Personality Disorder Esquizoide

The Personality Disorder Esquizoide is characterized by a marked detachment from social relationships and a preference to carry out the other activities alone, feeling little or no pleasure in carrying out those activities.

This disorder generally arises in early adulthood, and the treatment should be done as soon as possible to avoid complications occur. Usually consists in carrying out of sessions of psychotherapy and medication management, if they are associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

What are the symptoms


According to the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the characteristic symptoms of a person with a Personality Disorder, Esquizoide are:

  • Lack of interest in establishing intimate relationships, including being part of a family;
  • Preference for activities lonely;
  • Manifestation of little or no interest in having sexual experiences with the partner;
  • Lack of pleasure to carry the activities;
  • Has no close friends or confidants not to be the relatives in the first degree;
  • Indifference when you receive praise or criticism;
  • Demonstration of coldness and emotional detachment.

Possible causes


Still not sure what causes that are the source of this type of personality disorder, but it is thought that it may be related with hereditary factors and with childhood experiences, j that it is during the development of the child, that she learns to interpret the social signals and respond appropriately.

Some factors that can increase the risk of the person may suffer from this personality disorder is having a family member with a personality disorder esquizoide or esquizotipica or schizophrenia. Learn what is schizophrenia and how is it treated.

How is it treated

People with Personality Disorder Esquizoide may develop other personality disorders, schizophrenia, depression or anxiety disorders, so the treatment should be done evil to arise the first symptoms.


Usually the treatment is done with sessions of psychotherapy with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In some cases, if a person to develop depression or anxiety disorders, may also be necessary to resort to pharmacological treatment, with medicines for anxiety and depression.

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