What Is the Dependent Personality Disorder

What Is the Dependent Personality Disorder

The dependent personality disorder is characterized by an excessive need to be taken care of by other people, which leads to that the person with the disorder has a behavior submissive and exaggerated fear of separation.

Usually, this disorder emerges in early adulthood, and may give rise to anxiety and depression, and the treatment consists in the realization of sessions of psychotherapy and, in some cases, administration of medicines, which must be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

What are the symptoms

The symptoms that manifest in people with dependent personality disorder are difficulty to make simple decisions, that arise in the day-to-day, without the need of advice from other people, need other people to take responsibility for various areas of their life, a difficulty to disagree with others for fear of losing support or approval, and difficulty to start new projects on their own, because they do not have self-confidence.


In addition, these people feel deprived and go the extremes, as do nasty things to you, to receive love and support, feel uncomfortable and helpless when they are alone, because they feel that they are unable to take care of themselves, have an excessive preoccupation with the fear of being abandoned, and when they pass through the end of a relationship, looking urgently for another, in order to receive affection and support.

Possible causes

No one knows for sure what is in the source of the dependent personality disorder, but it is thought that this disorder may be related to biological factors and the environment in which the person is inserted, since the childhood and relationship with parents in this phase, such as being extremely protective or too authoritarian, can have a great influence on the development of the individual.


How is it treated

Generally, the treatment is carried out when this disorder begins to have an impact in the life of the person, which may harm relations with other people and cause anxiety and depression.

Psychotherapy is the first-line treatment for the dependent personality disorder and, during the treatment, the person must have an active role and be accompanied by a psychologist or a psychiatrist, that will help the person become more active and independent and to take more advantage of the relationships

In some cases, it may be necessary to resort to pharmacological treatment. In these cases, the diagnosis of the disorder should be conducted by a psychiatrist, who will be the professional responsible for prescribing the medicines necessary for treatment.

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