What Is the Complex of Electra and How to Deal

What Is the Complex of Electra and How to Deal

The complex of Electra is a normal stage of the psychosexual development of the majority of the girls in which there is a large safety and efficacy by the father and a feeling of grudge or ill will towards the mother, and may even be possible that the girl try to compete with the mother to try to win the attention of the father.

Generally, this stage emerges between 3 and 6 years, and it is slight, but can vary according to the girl, and its degree of development. In most cases, the complex is because the father is the first contact that the girl has with the opposite sex.

However, there may also be girls in that this complex does not emerge, especially when they have contact with other children from a very early age, starting by getting to know other boys who arouse attention by the opposite sex.

How to identify the complex Electra

Some of the signs that may indicate that the girl is entering the phase of the complex of Electra, which include:

  • Need to always place between the father and the mother to the wick;
  • Weeping uncontrollably when the parent needs to leave the house;
  • Feelings of great affection in relationship to the father, who can lead the girl to verbalize the desire to marry the father one day;
  • Negative feelings towards the mother, especially when the father is present.


These signs are normal and temporary, therefore, should not be a concern for parents. However, if you continue after the 7 years or if they are getting worse with time, it may be important to consult a psicopediatra to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment, if necessary.

The complex of Electra is similar to the Oedipus complex?

At its base, the complex of Electra and Oedipus are similar. While the complex of Electra happens in the girl in relation to the feelings of affection by the father, the Oedipus complex happens in the boy in relation to his mother.

However, the complexes have been defined by doctors different, being that the Oedipus complex emerged originally described by Freud, while the complex of Electra came later described by Carl Jung.

When it can be a problem

The complex of Electra usually resolves alone, and without major complications, to the extent that the girl will be growing up and observing the way her mother acts in relation to the opposite sex. In addition, the mother also helps to establish the limits in the relations between the members of the family, especially between father-mother and the daughter-father.


However, when the mother is very absent or punish the daughter for her actions during this period of his life, may end up hindering the resolution of the natural complex, which causes the girl to keep their strong feelings of affection for his father, who can end up in feelings of love, resulting in a complex of Electra poorly resolved.

How to deal with the complex Electra

There is a right way to deal with the complex of Electra, however, give little attention to the feelings of love verbalizados in relation to the father and to avoid to punish the girl for these actions seem to help overcome faster this phase and not to enter in a complex of Electra poorly resolved.

Another important step is to show what the role of the father, that although it is love, it serves only to protect her and that his true companion is the mother.

After this phase, usually the girls allow themselves to show anger towards the mother, and come to understand the role of both parents, going to see the mother as reference, and the father as a model for the type of person who want a day at his side.

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