What Is Bioginástica and Its Benefits

What Is Bioginástica and Its Benefits

The bioginástica encompasses breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, and the imitation of movements of animals such as snakes, cats and monkeys.

The method was created by Orlando Cani, master in Yoga and physical trainer of the great brazilian athletes, and has spread between gyms, studios, dance and yoga centers in big cities.

Benefits of Bioginástica

According to the creator, the method is excellent for getting to know the own body, and uses the breath to calm the mind and be more aware of the tiredness and of the places that accumulate the most tension in the day-to-day. The repetition of the movements that animals do, that are also part of the lessons, it serves to remember that we are all animals.

The sessions can be individual or in group classes, spontaneous and creative, featuring the gymnastics of life.


How to make the Bioginástica

The bioginástica should be a class taught by a teacher certified by the creator of the method, classes can be taken at 1, 2, 3 times per week or daily, and after that the student learns the exercises you can practice at home for 10 to 15 minutes to keep the habit of exercising regularly.

How is the breathing of the bioginástica

One must pay attention on their own breath and observe the movements of the diaphragm. The breath ideally should be long, being possible to count quietly up to 3 while you breathe in, and up to 4 while breathing out through the mouth as if it were a candle. This is contrary to what we naturally do, that is breathing more short when it is anxious or stressed.


How are the exercises

The exercises include a few exercises of Hatha Yoga with the body movements of the animals, which makes the lesson deep and fun. To the extent that the body will grow accustomed and creating resistance exercise may be more easy to be realised, and to become more harmonious.

How is relaxation and meditation

One of the priorities of this activity is to show the student how he might be able to relax and meditate anywhere, even sitting at work. Just to focus the attention on the breath and controlling the respiratory movements to decrease the tension in the body and promote well-being, and do not need more than 10 minutes to feel the effects on the body.

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