What Is Acupuncture and What Is It for

What Is Acupuncture and What Is It for

Acupuncture therapy is millennia-old originally from China, that involves the application of needles on specific points of the body to treat illness and to promote health. These needles, when applied on some specific regions are able to treat various physical or emotional illness as sinusitis, asthma, migraine or arthritis for example, in addition to improving the immune system.

The insertion of Acupuncture needles stimulates the nerve endings existing in skin and other tissues, by sending this message to the brain, which triggers different effects in the body, such as acting analgesic or anti-inflammatory, for example. There are several scientific proofs that acupuncture works the same, but in Brazil it should only be used as a way to complement the clinical treatment as directed by the doctor.

For serving

Acupuncture is a technique that can be used to strengthen the immune system and for the treatment of problems and diseases such as for example:

  • Problems in the mouthsuch as pain after extraction of tooth, gingivitis, or pharyngitis;
  • Respiratory diseasessuch as sinusitis, rhinitis, common cold, asthma, or bronchitis;
  • Eye diseasessuch as conjunctivitis, cataracts or myopia in children;
  • Neurological problemssuch as headache or migraine;
  • Gastrointestinal problemssuch as excess acidity in the stomach, duodenal ulcer, constipation or diarrhea;
  • Orthopaedic problemssuch as sciatica, low back pain or rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Sleep disturbancessuch as insomnia.


In addition to these problems, acupuncture can also be used in the treatment of diseases and emotional disturbances such as anxiety, excessive stress or depression, for example.

Any person can do acupuncture even in cases where there is illness or physical complaints, and this technique can even be done in children, and in such cases recommended the use of laser in children with fear of needles.

The needles can transmit diseases?

Acupuncture should be done with disposable needles, because re-use increases the chances of contracting some diseases such as hepatitis or meningitis, for example.

So, when you go to perform a procedure of acupuncture should ensure that this is done by a competent professional, and that follow the rules of Anvisa, which requires the use of disposables.

Types of Acupuncture

There are several types of acupuncture, each of which presents a different function:

1. Ear acupuncture

The ear acupuncture, also known as auriculotherapy, can be used to treat pain, physical or emotional illness and can be performed with or without needles. This technique is done in the ears, and when they are not used needles, can be used mustard seed or other small beads that are placed on certain points of the ear.


2. Acupuncture aesthetics

In the case of acupuncture aesthetics, this technique aims at the application of needles on certain body points to improve blood circulation, promote the growth of the cells of support, and combat localized fat and help drain the excess fluid.

3. Acupuncture for weight loss

When acupuncture is used to lose weight, it helps in the elimination of toxins, excess fluid and fat. In addition, as the excess weight may be associated with psychological problems such as anxiety or depression, this technique can also be used in the treatment of these problems, so that the power ceases to be a refuge from emotional.

Who can perform treatments?

Any person can do acupuncture, being sick or not. It is indicated even for children, but in their case acupuncture can be done with laser, so that the child does not have a fear of needles. In addition, acupuncture can also be beneficial during pregnancy, as it helps in the decrease of the hormonal variations, which are frequent during this period and relieves the back pain and the discomfort caused by the weight of the belly.

Animals such as dogs or cats can also be treated with acupuncture, because it relieves pain, allergies, infections in the respiratory tract, digestive problems or other diseases, such as rhinitis, for example.


In addition to acupuncture, there are other techniques of alternative medicine such as Acupressure, that deal with problems and relieve the pain.

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