Vocational Training in China

Vocational Training in China

China has undergone rapid economic development in recent decades, placing the country as the world’s second largest economy. A stay in China will provide an opportunity to gain in-demand insights in a developing country.

Especially since the late 1970s, China has undergone rapid economic development with average annual growth rates of approx. 10%. A sharp increase in foreign trade and growth in foreign direct investment as well as rapid urbanization have been and are crucial factors for China’s growth. China is one of the countries starting with letter C listed on CountryAAH.

Through a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Research, the eight Danish universities and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, UCAS, Denmark opened a new university in China in 2012: the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research, SDC. SDC is located in Beijing and offers entire master’s programs.

Worth knowing

Vocational training in China

Vocational education in China lasts between 2 and 4 years after 9th grade or 2 years after 12th grade. 3-year educations from ‘Skilled worker schools’ and ‘Vocational secondary schools’ lead to skilled work. At a ‘Secondary specialized school’, you can complete a vocational education in 3-4 years in, among other things, the health or office area. Education from ‘Secondary specialized schools’ is at a higher level than education from the other school types. See more study opportunities in China on topschoolsintheusa.


If you are considering taking all or part of your own internship abroad, read the section on internships abroad for vocational education under the section Primary school and upper secondary education.

Economics and education

Scholarship schemes

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) administers scholarship schemes for foreign students. Read more about scholarship schemes at China Scholarship Councils

Work in China

To be able to stay in China and take work, one must have a visa that specifically states that it is also a work permit. To be able to obtain a visa, one’s passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after departure. Visa applications must be submitted to the Chinese authorities. Get more information at the Chinese Embassy in Denmark.

If you are looking for work in China, there are several databases where you can search:

  • ChinaJob
  • Careerjet (in English)

You can also look for a teaching job at Teach-in-China, which is part of a larger portal about traveling, studying and teaching in China, see www.chinese-tools.com

In addition, it can be mentioned that there are good opportunities to teach English in e.g. China, if you have taken a TEFL and / or CELTA course. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. We suggest you do a Google search for these courses, as there are several providers of them.

The organization Alott organizes Working Holidays and the special program China Teach and Travel in China.

Practical conditions


To stay in China – as a tourist or for a longer stay – you must apply for a visa. This is done through Chinese Visa Application Service Center Copenhagen

The Chinese Embassy in Hellerup can help with more info about this.

Help with Chinese

There are several opportunities to learn Chinese or just sniff for it. At On-line Chinese you can find tools for the easily practiced Chinese language user. In addition to language tools, you can also find links to trade magazines at the Yamada Language Center.

additional information

On the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can find information on entry, regions and other useful topics. Also at Chinese Government you can find practical information about studying, traveling, working, settling and getting married in China.

If you need to find the Danish, or other countries’, embassies in China, you can find a list of them here

The website of the Chinese Ministry of Education has a page on international educational cooperation in China and conditions for international students in China.

General info

Useful links for your stay in China

  • Travel China Guide – Guide to the various cities and attractions.
  • Lonely Planet – General information about Chinese history, geography, travel etc.
  • China’s transportation system – Information on airports, highways, trains and bicycles. You can also read about culture, religion, monetary system, food and drink and much more.
  • Tourist in China – Information and tips on visas, local guides and more.
  • China Travel – Information on shopping, culture and transportation in China – find out where to eat, where to sleep and what to do.
  • Emigrants in China – Website dedicated to emigrants living and working in China. Here you can find information about China, among other things. exciting places to visit.
  • Chinese Ministry of Education
  • China Education and Research Network
  • The Chinese Embassy in Denmark
  • The Danish Embassy in Beijing
  • The Danish Cultural Institute in China

If you are applying for education in China, it is crucial that you thoroughly research the quality of the education. There can be a big difference between the educational institutions, the educations and the form of teaching internally in the country. You can obtain knowledge and experience about educations from relevant professionals in Denmark (eg teachers / researchers with knowledge of the subject area or the country), the international offices at Danish educational institutions or Danish students who have been to China.

Study in China

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