University of Technology Sydney Review

University of Technology Sydney Review


The university is very centrally located. The infrastructure is very modern and correspondence with the study administration is quick and easy. Approx. 40,000 students are distributed over the huge campus, on which the various faculties are located.


To get an Australian student visa, one must attend at least three courses at UTS according to toppharmacyschools. I took four courses, which is absolutely manageable in terms of time. You have to do work and online quizzes regularly during the semester. This leads to a significantly higher amount of work during the semester, but the learning phase is much more relaxed at the end. Courses can still be changed up to three weeks after the start of the semester. Each course is calculated with 6 credits, which corresponds to 7. 5 ECTS credits in Germany.

26134 – Business Statistics

  • Highly recommended
  • Great lecturer, tutorials ok
  • Midexam 30%, Groupassignment 20%, Finalexam 50%

25300 – Fundamentals of Business Finance

  • Highly recommended
  • Great lecturer, good tutorials
  • 2 online quizzes á 10%, group assignment 20%, final exam 60%

23568 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

  • Recommendable
  • 4 online quizzes á 10%, final exam 60%

21602 – Strategy: Theory and Practice

  • recommendable
  • Restructuring of the subject, which is why lectures and tutorials were still pretty confused – but it was worth it for the final grade
  • 5 mini essays á 5%, case study 50%, final exam 25%

Planning the semester abroad

If you decide to spend a semester at UTS, I recommend that you contact MicroEDU. The service is free and the company organizes your entire stay, including visa, university registration and course attendance. The staff are very nice and helpful and without them all the paperwork would have been a real hassle. I have health insurance with Medibank.


The UTS offers four housings with six different room options. I chose the largest, Yura Mudang, which is geographically optimally located: 3-10 minutes walk to the respective faculties, 5 minutes to the main train station and 5 minutes to the library and supermarket. 700 students live in this housing spread over 21 floors. On the 8th floor there are billiard tables, table tennis, table football, a communal kitchen, TV room, terrace with barbecue facilities and a laundry room. There is a great rooftop on the 21st floor with a view over the city, where you can also grill and meet to drink in the evening. In addition, the housing regularly offers great free events where you can get to know others from the housing over food and fun activities. Even if housing is relatively expensive compared to Switzerland, it is really worth moving in there! First, it’s super difficult to find a cheaper flat share in Sydney, and second, it’s just super fun.

The host country

Australia is an incredible country! The city of Sydney itself is incredibly liveable – green, safe, great and clean beaches, small bays everywhere, sea over sea, chic bars and cool clubs. It’s a little expensive, but absolutely beautiful. The Australians are very open, helpful and funny. The country is also ideal for traveling. We spent a total of 6 weeks during the semester and at the end with a campervan and traveled the entire east coast.

If you are enterprising, love the sun and the sea, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve all spent the time of our lives.

University of Technology Sydney Review

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