Universidad de Belgrano (University of Belgrano)

Universidad de Belgrano (University of Belgrano)


Brief information

In 1964 the Universidad de Belgrano was founded by Dr. Avelino Porto was founded and since then the number of students has continuously skyrocketed. Today it is one of the leading educational institutions in the country with courses at different levels.

According to AbbreviationFinder, the university maintains many international partnerships with education providers, including Mente Argentina. Mente Argentina offers semester and language programs at the Universidad de Belgrano and various other Argentine universities. We place people interested in these programs for Mente Argentina, which are mostly held in both English and Spanish.

They are excellent for students who have a limited time in Argentina and want to get credit for their work. A Mente Argentina team is always on site to help with questions or problems. Trips and excursions are also included in all study programs.

  • University of Belgrano website
  • Mente Argentina website for the Universidad de Belgrano

University facts

Year of foundation: 1964

University Type: Private University

Number of students: total 15000, international 2000


  • National Committee for Evaluation and Acreditación Universitaria

Academic year:

The academic year at the Universidad de Belgrano is divided into two semesters.

Study programs

  • semester abroad
  • language courses

With the semester program offered by Mente Argentina at Universidad de Belgrano, international students have the opportunity to study in Argentina for a semester or a year. Under certain circumstances, the achievements made can be credited to the home university after prior agreement. Depending on the number of courses taken, participants receive 12 to 18 credits.

Undergraduate students can choose between Latin American Studies, taught in either English or Spanish in conjunction with a Spanish course, or other courses such as Accounting, Public Relations, Culinary Arts, and many others. The latter take place together with regular Argentine students, and a Spanish course is also part of the program here.

Depending on the individual previous knowledge of the Spanish language, you can put together your own program. It may also be worth attending one of the language courses offered by Mente Argentina at the Universidad de Belgrano in advance.

Depending on the level of study, semester students at the Universidad de Belgrano can also take master’s courses in various departments. However, the master’s courses are offered exclusively in Spanish.

  • Semester program of the Universidad de Belgrano


  • Fall semester 2022



Registration fee


The tuition fees mentioned include accommodation. We will be happy to provide information on the costs for additional language courses and tuition fees without accommodation on request.

  • Tuition fees at the Universidad de Belgrano


If you want to take part in the semester program, you must have your high school diploma and already be enrolled at a university.

Proof of language proficiency is also required for Spanish-language courses, English-language courses can be taken without proof.

The language skills can be proven by one of the following test results or documents:

Undergraduate postgraduate
CEFR B2 level B2 level

The language certificate cannot be submitted later.


Degrees/Courses in English – Undergraduate

  • accounting
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • AudioVisualTechnology
  • biology
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Cinema
  • computer science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Gastronomic business
  • graphic design
  • Human Resources
  • interior design
  • International Relations
  • Latin American Studies (English)
  • Latin American Studies (Spanish)
  • marketing
  • Nutrition
  • Political
  • public relations
  • Science
  • TV & Media Production


As the name suggests, the Universidad de Belgrano is located in the Belgrano district of Buenos Aires. Most of the university facilities are located here in an excellently equipped, modern building in the middle of a residential area.

It’s just a stone’s throw from historic downtown Buenos Aires by bus or subway.


Mente Argentina offers students accommodation close to their university. The choice of accommodation also determines the final price for the entire semester program.

The following accommodation options are available:

  • student residence
  • Apartments on campus
  • Private apartments / hotels
  • guest families

Universidad de Belgrano

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