Tuenti Studied Expanding Its Mobile Virtual Network Operator to Other Countries

The week past, and together with the launch of the new application of Tuenti It aims to dethrone Whatsapp social network presented its plans for expandise outside our borders, with the focus centered on Latin America.

What was not mentioned in any time if within those expansion plans entered not only the social but also network your mobile virtual network operator, something Sebas Muriel has responded in an interview with the Economist.

Tuenti number two does not rule out all the launch of the service of mobile telephony in countries like Brazil, a developing country with nearly 200 million people where Telefónica already has Movistar on the market.

What Muriel discards in either case it is a short-term release as to be expected at least to that the social network has a large number of users who can be easily tempted.

Sebas also claims that his company intends to the mobile operator is their main source of income In addition to having the intention of dethroning the Almighty Whatsapp with its new Messenger Social Tuenti, something that in principle will not be easy due to the limited range of ages usual in Tuenti.