Top 10 Largest Islands in Indonesia

Top 10 Largest Islands in Indonesia

You can hardly imagine that Indonesia consists of more than 13,500 islands. With more than 6,000 inhabited islands, it is definitely worth visiting some of these islands once in your life. However, it is very difficult to determine where to start. That’s why you can read about the top 10 largest Indonesian islands and what there is to experience here, so you can start planning your next travel destination.

10. Flores

With 17 volcanoes on the island, Flores is an island where the traditional ways of life of the inhabitants can still be observed. In the traditional villages on the island, inhabitants live to this day according to the rituals and traditions that are centuries old. The name Flores means ‘flowers’ in Portuguese. As the name already reveals, you can encounter various flowers on the island. Close to Flores are the Komodo Islands, where you can see the rare Komodo dragon as the only place in the world.

9. Sumbawa

The island of Sumbawa consists largely of volcanoes, dry plains and beautiful beaches. In the interior of the island there are also a number of traditional villages with friendly inhabitants. Sumbawa is internationally known as an excellent place for surfing. The island is therefore visited annually by surfers from all over the world.

8. Seram

Despite the fact that the island of Seram is still fairly free from any forms of tourism, the island is known for its beautiful sea. Thanks to the island’s location, you can observe the impressive marine life around the island up close. Here you will find various coral reefs, fish and even dolphins. Because there is little tourism on the island, you have to take into account that there are no tours and you have to plan your trip to Seram yourself.

7. Halmahera

The special thing about Halmahera Island is that it consists of four peninsulas. The peninsulas are sparsely populated, as the islands are quite mountainous. For tourists, exploring the sea is one of the most popular holiday activities. Halmahera therefore mainly attracts tourists looking for exciting water activities. For example, the high waves of Dorume Beach are excellent for surfing enthusiasts.

6. West Timor

The island of Timor is divided into two parts, the western half of which belongs to Indonesia. In the middle of the island there are high mountains, where small villages can be found. Although Timor is one of the poorest places in the world, the island has beautiful beaches. However, you will soon find out that there are no resorts to be seen and that the beaches are almost deserted. Still, there are tours you can join that will take you around the island.



To take in the beautiful picture of nature, you need to be on the island of Java. After all, Java is the most important island in all of Indonesia. One of the most popular sights on the island is the Bromo volcano. Climbing this volcano is an excellent activity for the real adventurers. When you reach the top, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the island. Of course there are tours to the top of the volcano that start at 4 am to watch the beautiful sunrise.

4. Sulawesi


The island of Sulawesi, also known as Celebes, is excellent for tourists looking for the ultimate resting place as well as for adventurous tourists. To completely relax you can relax on one of the white sandy beaches or visit one of the great landscapes. If you are looking for active activity, you can join a bike tour through the central part of Sulawesi or take a refreshing swim at the reefs of Bunaken.

3. Sumatra


Sumatra is the most impressive island of the Indonesian islands because it is incredibly diverse. In addition to the diverse cultures that can be found on the island, you will also find tropical beaches, volcanoes such as the Berastagi, large jungles and amazing waterfalls such as the Sipisopiso. It is impossible to see all sides of the island in a short time. So make sure you take your time to explore the island.

2. Borneo


More than two thirds of the island of Borneo, also known as the third largest island in the world, is part of Indonesia. The island mainly consists of large rainforests, so there are various species of flora and fauna present on the island. Many tourists visit Borneo to admire various animal species such as the orangutan. In addition, there are several hotels and resorts on the island, where you can completely relax. You can also participate in various activities such as snorkeling, golfing and rafting.

1. New Guinea

New Guinea

The second largest island in the world New Guinea takes you to a completely different world. On the island you will encounter different tribes, so you can experience the rich culture with your own eyes. In addition, in the interior of the island you will find mountainous areas surrounded by tropical rainforests. The special thing about New Guinea is that, despite the tropical climate, snow falls on mountain tops in winter. New Guinea is the perfect place for active tourists looking for some exercise. Whether you want to take it easy by taking a nice walk along the beach or whether you prefer to dive into the water to discover the deep underwater world. There is something for every tourist to find.