These Complaints Can Occur in the 30th Ssw

A pregnancy can be quite energetic. There may be some complaints in the 30th SSW. We’ll tell you what’s going on.

The further the pregnancy advances, the more you look forward to the baby. Nevertheless, a number of complaints can occur in the 30th SSW, as many women feel the pregnancy from this point onwards as increasingly cumbersome. But do not worry: soon you did it!

Complaints In The 30th SSW: Lack Of Sleep

The stomach can be very disturbing in the 30.SSW and provide for sleep deficits. According to, the abdominal position is therefore no longer feasible and the supine position should be avoided. The reason for this is the so-called Vena-Cava syndrome. This can cause circulatory problems, since the abdomen presses on your vena cava in the supine position, which leads the blood from the leg, pelvic and abdominal regions to the heart.
We therefore recommend you to select the side position for sleeping.

Complaints In The 30th SSW: Back Pain

Back pain is very frequent in the 30th SS, as the connective tissue loosens and the pelvic ring and the spine further slide apart.

Therefore, it would be good in this situation to stabilize your body and so relieve it. A pillow can be provided to help you sit in your back or lie between your knee pads.

Complaints In The 30th SS: Water Storage

During this period of pregnancy, water accumulation in the tissue often accumulates, especially your feet and hands are affected in the 30th SSW. This also results in reduced performance, because you can not move so easily with heavy hands and feet.

In this situation, you can help by wearing flat shoes and lifting your legs up. Compression stockings are also to help you.

Complaints In The 30th SS: Shortness Of Breath

Many everyday things are falling mothers in the 30th SS heavier. Strolling and even stimulating conversations can take you out of breath. Many pregnant women suffer from shortness of breath and shortness of breath during this time. This is the result of the size and location of your baby. If your baby is already head down, but your pelvis has not yet lowered, it may be that it presses with its buttocks or feet against your diaphragm and thus also to the lungs. No wonder you will become tired and tired.

Complaints In The 30th SS: Typical Companions

The classics among the complaints in the 30th SSW are heartburn, constipation, flatulence and increased urge to urinate.

You can help with these problems: Constipation can help you move, as the digestion is supported. Also pay attention to a diet rich in fiber.
In heartburn it would be good to sleep with a raised pillow. You can also drink a glass of milk before lying down. This can help you bind excess acid.
Flatulence is unfortunately almost unavoidable in pregnancy, but you can counteract with certain teas, such as aniseed, melissa or fennel.
In case of increased urge to urinate we recommend pelvic floor gymnastics. If you start early, you will have better control of your bladder. In addition, you can prevent permanent incontinence after pregnancy.

Talk To The Doctor

The symptoms in the 30th SSW do not have any disease value, but you should talk about it with your doctor. Especially with abdominal pain, it is important to contact your doctor to prevent premature labor.

And remember: the complaints will soon be over, because with each day you are a bit closer to your baby.