Therapy Bioenergetics: What It Is and How It Is Done

Therapy Bioenergetics: What It Is and How It Is Done

Therapy bioenergetics is a body therapy that uses physical exercises and specific breathing to decrease or withdraw any type of lock emotional (conscious or not) present in the individual.

Therapy bioenergetics active the flow of energy and renews the vital energy of the individual, working not only the physical body, but the mind and the emotional.

The breath is a key component of this therapy, as this is changed according to the situation, the breathing is slower in situations of sadness and faster in situations of stress, for example.

The purpose of the Therapy, Bioenergetics

This therapy is indicated for individuals who have any type of lock emotional, such as phobias, depressions, low self-esteem, panic attacks, disorders obsessive compulsive and for individuals with respiratory problems, digestórios and neurological.


Body exercise used

  • Pelvis: body exercises performed with the pelvis are directed to the unlocking of issues related to sexuality.
  • Aperture: The physical exercises with the diaphragm seek a greater control of breathing.
  • Chest: The exercises are directed to the expression of feelings and suppressed emotions.
  • Legs and feet: body exercises with these members seek to connect the individual with their reality.
  • Neck: body exercises with your neck, seek the relief of stress and promotes relaxation.

The techniques used in the Therapy Bioenergetics

In a session of therapy, bioenergetics, techniques are used massage, reiki, crystals and psychotherapy. Each session lasts on average one hour. Some details are:

1. Bioenergetic massage

Involves manipulating the muscles and other tissues through massages with slips, pressures, and vibrations, providing for the physical well-being and mental of the individual. The benefits include the improvement of the systems, the muscular, circulatory and nervous system, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, calming and relaxing, improves mood and increases self-esteem.


The focus of these massages are the energy channels (meridians), where are located the major organs of the body, such as lungs, intestines, kidneys, and heart. The technique can be accompanied by oils and essences used in aromatherapy and relaxing music, however, is made differently in each individual, since it is focused at the point of imbalance of the client, since the goal of this technique is to provide the internal balance of the individual and improve their quality of life.

2. Exercises bioenergy

Include eight body segments: legs, feet, pelvis, diaphragm, chest, neck, mouth and eyes. Some examples are:

  • Basic exercise Vibration: Stand still with feet apart at a distance of 25 cm. Bend your body forward until your hands reach the floor, the knees can be flexed for the exercise to be done with more convenience. Relax the neck and breathe deep and slowly. Remain in the pose for 1 minute.
  • Stretching exercise: This exercise includes the movement of stretch. Position the shape upright and with the feet parallel, bring the arms up, interlacing the fingers, espreguice for a few seconds, feeling the hyperextension of the abdomen and then relax. Inhale deeply, and exhale and make a sound of “a” prolonged.
  • Shake and punches: in This exercise you should shake the whole body, without synchronization or coordination. Start shaking your hands, arms, shoulders and then all over the body, relaxing to the muscles of the feet and releasing tension. Can be made on the movements of the punches with his arms.


Therapy Bioenergetics provides to its practitioners tranquility, emotional balance and relaxation.

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