The Translator of Google Includes Definitions of Words So You Know of What You Speak

The translator from Google for Android It is an awesome tool and not to win in functions, although in some sections the desktop web version was still taking advantage. For example, when you select a word it shows you its independent translation and its definition.

Now, those two boxes with additional information carrying so long on the web also become Android, showing you alternative translations and the definition of the word. This new development is accompanied by the multi-account support with which you can switch between different Google accounts quickly.


The next time that you translate only one word in the translator of Google, you’ll get two boxes with additional information just below the translation. Here it is necessary to emphasize that the definition applies to the language that you are translating.

That is, if you are translating from the Spanish “casa” (home) English, you will get the Spanish definition of House and not the English. This probably doesn’t make much sense from the perspective of check a translation, but since the use Translate dictionary.

Definitions are accompanied by examples of use, which are always well, and are quite complete. If in the above case you want the definition of “home”, in English, you should use the inverse translation menu on your tab.

Definitions, in addition, only appear when there is only one word. As soon as you add a second word, disappear.

Multi account support

Another novelty of the Google translator is support for change of account, as in the majority of applications of Google like Gmail, Google Drive and company. Since the side panel Now you can add another account to the service and change of account with a touch.

Support for different accounts is in this case used for Phrasebook (vocabulary) function by which you can save fragments of phrases or words that you want to have on hand. With different accounts, you can synchronize various vocabularies for each account.

Translator of Googlevaria according to the device

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