The Strange Case of The Samsung Galaxy SIII Which Explodes… Thanks to a Microwave

If friends, already we have findings of the strange case of the Samsung Galaxy SIII which had exploded, supposedly in a base car and without even connecting it to the mains. The independent investigation has ended, and the conclusions are quite different than expected.

To get started in the most objective manner possible, saying that the research It has not been credited by Samsung, but that has been in charge of the Fire Investigations UK (FIUK), an independent agency devoted to the causes that damage by fire, explosions or explosions.

The investigation has been thorough, given that Samsung was determined to purge responsibilities in a case that seemed, in the eyes of the brand, rather odd. The findings have confirmed the suspicions, and they have determined that explosion is not possible that it has been produced with an internal telephone power supply, the cause being an external power.

According to the report of the FIUK, damage, most likely, they have been produced by a domestic microwave:

The only way in which it is possible to produce similar damage in the damaged device is that the device itself or some of its components are introduced domestic microwave oven.

The user dillo2k10, in the same forum, later published a response by retracting and admitting, basically everything the FIUK report indicates. According to his own words, the damage was caused by someone else once the terminal when, by inserting it as the FIUK indicates, in a microwave with the intention of drying it:

I want to withdraw me from my original statements. The damage on the phone was caused by another person, while trying to fix the phone that they had wet her. This happened because of a large number of external power and not by a failure of the phone itself. It was not a deliberate act, but a stupid mistake.

In our opinion, it is very complicated to a terminal operates that way without exposing it to excessive heat or external power, and although it is good to acknowledge mistakes, and whether or not a deliberate act by himself or others, is not appropriate to publish accusations without having yet reached the causes giving rise to a problem.

In conclusion, if you have a Galaxy SIII, you can be quiet again, and it is that There will be little chance of exploding Incidentally. And above all, if it gets wet you a phone, let it dry over time or put it in a pot with rice, but never try to dry it in a microwave. And if you do, you do not submit photos making you crazy and saying that he broke out alone.

You can take a look at the final report of the FIUK, and We encourage us relate your impressions about the dangerous Galaxy SIII which was not so much: