The Motorola Razr and Razr MAXX Are Very Close (Now Yes) Your Update to ICS 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich in Spain

We have been a couple of weeks biting us the nails before the expected arrival of ICS for the Motorola RAZR. It seems that Motorola Spain finally has moved the issue with official statement inform us of any changes, the installation instructions and to which countries at European level is expected to arrive on these days, Spain included, of course. But as you know is a OTA that it will be sending gradually, expected until end of July will not say safely arriving to all users.

Motorola promised that their Motorola Razr they should Ice Cream Sandwich in the first quarter of 2012, but ultimately delayed for second and is rushing too. We get news of the ICS update is tested and ready for your arrival to the terminals at the global level, but it seems that it is being staggered. Motorola India has already confirmed that it has reached their terminals, even with some surprise in the form of free EA games through Motolounge.

Visiting forums HTC Mania as we have some users in South America such as Mexico, Colombia or Uruguay already have, but in Spain not yet. In Spain it seems that we still have some days or hours, seeing that also is staggering the OTA in Germany, United Kingdom and France. Motorola speak always of free terminals, so the Motorola Razr from Telstra will have to wait for the operator to adjust the firmware received by the manufacturer. Although perhaps seeing as they are the things do not differ too much with the OTA free terminals.

Motorola in its official statement gives us some instructions for the software update. It is aimed at all users who currently have versions y After the upgrade the terminal will be with the version of software 6.7.2-180_SPU-19-TA-11.2  and with Android 4.0.4. Once this update, Android 2.3 software not can recover.

The ICS installation instructions are simple on a regular basis. If we get the expected notification we will press on “Download” and then on “install”, then will restart the terminal. In the case that has not reached the update notification can force it manually by going to “about phone”, “system update”, if it is an update, congratulations, because you can download and install. The update has a size of between 200 and 240 megabytes, so it is recommended to perform the update via WiFi.

Do you have already arrived the update via OTA?