The Lipsticks of the Novel Babylon!

Hi Hi guys, since today is Monday, I decided to start the week with a post well noveleiro, haahhahahahaahhaahaha. I rarely comment on the beauty in novels and everything, yet I must confess that I am a card-carrying, whenever I’m there to call on tv to follow the exciting chapters of the novel, and as I also love a novelty, so the MAC releasedlipsticks used in the novel the 9 (Babylon), I came running to tell them to you. 

The novel still has a lot of ground and the enmity of the two main characters will still give a lot of intrigue until the end. And the best, besides being out and about each chapter, the tones will fall perfectly in the fall/winter 2015. Prepare, many reds, purples and violets, and even the most delicate nude will make your head until the end of the post.

And you can’t deny, who is noveleiro knows, the novels influence our mind when it comes to fashion and beauty. According to whitehallmakeup, who never charmed by an enamel, lipstick, hair? People, you can’t, these details make all the difference throughout the chapters of each plot. I love being here just admiring the makeup and everything involving beauty of characters? hahahahahahaha. But the best is to find the products and run to the nearest store to test and out rockin’ too. And you can make good investments de beauté that just below you will find the most desired lipsticks in prime time. And then, let’s add some beauty items for your next wish list?

Alice should have turned prostitute, but changed the plot and now is a young fighter, hahahaha! She wears too much lipstick nude to keep nice girl pose. Lipsticks: Viva Glam V and Honey-Love.

Completely different characters, connected on only one thing: the same lipstick. Agnes, a villain running a little late and the innocent young lady of Laish. Lipstick: Hue.