The Iphone as an Advertising Platform-Auto-Apps Part 2

Car makers conquer the Top25 of the free apps. After I’ve already presented a few free appstore apps last week , which are all about cars, but still are not racing games, I dedicate myself to the Formula 1 start two washed racing-Games for the iPhone and iPod touch. In both are not PS-protzende Rennboliden the main fileors, but small cars from the house VW.

If the radio is turned on: scrapping premium here, environmental premium. Makes the TV: the same. Everywhere car manufacturers are currently wrestling for the favor of buyers. No wonder, therefore, that the car manufacturers do not stop before the AppStore. This is how the Volkswagen Group sends two racing games:

Volkswagen Polo Challenge 3D In
the game you are greeted by a picture of the new polo – it is clear. Much more than the button “play” does not offer to you the main menu afterwards. It is also enough, because at the push of a button, you are immediately offered a choice of tracks: The Volkswagen Polo Challenge offers a total of eight courses, which can be played freely. You can control your bright red car either by Accelerometer or by using virtual buttons on the touch screen. By default, the virtual keys are selected; the motion sensor can also be activated via the option menu. The control by rotating the device actually works quite well, in particular the problem of the rotating screen, the developers of the “FishLabs” have been great. It appears that the image is rotating against the rotation of the device. Accurater is the control by touch screen, more impressive the Accelerometer. How you ultimately decide is just a matter of taste.Neither the throttle, nor the shifting you have to worry about, that happens all by itself.

Graphically, the free AppStore game is full: The car model is quite nice to look at and the tracks are partially detailed. The surrounding area ranges from green country roads to the urban environment, boredom does not come up in terms of stretching design

A pity is that you can neither drive against real or virtual opponents, but must hit a given time on each track. This is also motivating, but playing against other drivers is usually more enjoyable. Maybe yes at the next polo…

Seat Ibiza Cupra Race
In direct competition with the Polo stands the Ibiza from the house Seat. This is similar in the AppStore: Quasi simultaneously appeared the racing game for the Cupra “racing version” of the Ibiza. The presentation seems to be inspired by the big consoles brothers: cool rendered intro video, color selection at the car, different game modes. The Seat game comes just as a modern racing game has to look.

The big advantage over the polo game: You play against opponents and not just against time.So if you have chosen your own car for color and stickers, you’ll be in the hurry: up to six vehicles will cross the track.

Unfortunately the game has a great weakness besides the successful presentation: the control by Accelerometer is extremely spongy, at the same time you have to also press the throttle and brake via the touch screen. The Seat Ibiza Cupra Race requires a lot of familiarization. Driving a race on the one track available in the game is not easy. After all, if you do not want to run against opponents, you can just make a test drive or at least run against time. In the long run, however, the Seat game becomes extremely boring, as the one course offers zero variety.

Small cars big: The racing games on iPhone and iPod touch show what technically everything is possible. Cool stretch marks, beautiful vehicle models and at least in the VW game a good control concept make you want more. Nevertheless, there are weaknesses in both games: Why do I have to go with the polo against time and can not compete against other polos? And why is Seat Ibiza so miserably controlled? It does not seem to be one of the two free racing games, but the “Apple game console” with integrated AppStore is still in the children’s shoes. I’m looking forward to the next free games of the car manufacturer, maybe I can drive then even a big car. As an advertising idea, I consider free AppStore games to be a great idea and am sure that on these four presented several more will follow.