The Galaxy Note 2 Could Be The First Flexible Display Terminal

Few days ago hope as water may that reaches the August 29 for the next event of Samsung, which will be the successor of the Galaxy Note, a mobile phone that has achieved a market niche that few expected by its peculiar characteristics. Normal is that if something is popular out an improved version, which will be displayed at the event, but seems that it could come with more surprises than many expected.

And it is that of the Galaxy Note are rumored many things, some more plausible than others. For now we can assure that it will have Ice Cream Sandwich as little, and Jelly Bean if Samsung chooses to be a good person for a day. There is a rumor in particular who has called us enough attention but is that it could be the first terminal with flexible display.

This concept carries much interesting to Samsung and has baptized him with the codename of YOUM, and it is an AMOLED displays of extreme fineness and resistance that could double in gross terms. It’s not unreasonable that launched it with the Galaxy Note 2, it would be a point in their favor to try to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Not we become alarmed us yet, that not everything is as beautiful as it may seem at first, at least in the way that we are looking for. The basic idea is make that the thickness of the screen is less with the same resistance, getting more space either to increase the capacity of the battery or to a finer terminal, nothing to do with putting it as a bracelet as many speculate.

We will have to wait for the 29th out of doubt. While it is likely that this rumor is true, this type of technology does not seem sufficiently developed so is it marketed at good prices, but in the world of technology you never know what you can expect