Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan 3

Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan Part 3

The UN Security Council sent a peacekeeping force, Unmiss, to southern Sudan to monitor compliance with the peace agreement. The CPA was followed by some political softening, and al-Bashir’s party NCP co-ruled with Garang’s SPLM. In July 2005, Garang became Vice President under al-Bashir and President of Autonomous South Sudan, but only a few weeks later he […]

Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan 2

Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan Part 2

Sudan now became one of the world’s toughest dictatorships. Opposition politicians were imprisoned or deported. Sharia also came to apply to non-Muslims. The Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden was invited to Sudan and had his own training camps there from 1991-1996. Hassan al-Turabi was competing against al-Bashir, but in 2000 the president decided the power struggle by excluding […]

Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan 1

Conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan Part 1

Africa’s longest war, between northern and southern Sudan, lasted from 1955 to 2005 (with a shaky pause of eleven years) and claimed the lives of up to two million people. In 2011, the country was divided into Sudan and South Sudan after the South Sudanese voted to form an independent state. However, several disputes remain to be […]

Conflicts within Sudan 4

Conflicts within Sudan Part 4

Betrayed promises From being at a low level for several years, the conflict in the area flared up in 2005, when 17 protesters were killed by police in the port city of Port Sudan. The influx of volunteers to the guerrillas increased rapidly and the fighting escalated. The Khartoum government also reacted quickly with offers of […]

Conflicts within Sudan 3

Conflicts within Sudan Part 3

Despite the peace agreement, the violence continued on several fronts, now mostly in the form of local conflicts over arable and pasture land, water sources and minerals. The more political dimension was less and less heard about, but the conditions for the civilian population were just as difficult. Many were killed in new clashes and people continued […]

Conflicts within Sudan 2

Conflicts within Sudan Part 2

UN divided From the outset, the UN Security Council was divided over Darfur. At first, they were content to issue threats of “action”, but in January 2005, the UN stated that the Sudanese army and its allies had committed systematic abuses against civilians. On the other hand, the Security Council did not want to call it genocide , which […]

Conflicts within Sudan 1

Conflicts within Sudan Part 1

According to 800zipcodes, the 50-year war between North Sudan and South Sudan has marked Sudan’s modern history, but there are also other hotspots within the country. Like many other African countries, Sudan is basically an artificial creation, and in independence in 1956, the new state inherited a number of inherent contradictions. Since the beginning of the […]