So Is The LG G4: Two Designs, Nine Colors and a Camera That Promises

LG is preparing the microsite of the new LG G4 and, although the website no longer works, for a moment they had forgotten to close it to the public. In other words, all the renderings that were prepared have been leaked. The first thing we can confirm is that it has a slightly curved design, but is not exactly as in the filtration of just a month ago.

The new LG flagship will have a detachable casing in two designs: one “classic”, genuine leather in six colors, and other “chic”, in three colors and with a pattern of diamonds. Also we have known new features and functions, especially the camera, in which have innovated both at the level of hardware and software.

Very open curve and real leather

Yes, it is curved; but the curve is much more discreet than the LG G Flex and his successor. LG says that they have designed it thinking about ergonomics and grip, so the arch feels natural and comfortable. The thickness would be at 8.9 mm.

As for the tapas, nine different designs: the “chic” of plastic can be gray, white, or gold; and the leather “classic” can be black, Brown, Bordeaux, blue, light blue, beige or yellow.

Do not forget the removable battery

LG G4 It will continue betting on a plastic body, so you do not have to renounce the removable battery (as if they did on Samsung). The battery would be 3,000 Mah and in addition they would maintain the microSD port.

5.5-inch QHD screen

No surprises here: in a demure size, the LG will have a spectacular panel of 5.5 inch 2560 x 1440 pixels. Improves the LG G3 in consumption, contrast and colour representation, and it has 30% more brightness. It also improves the sensitivity using Advanced In-Cell Touch technology, which consists of the LCD panel and the touch sensor in a same module to embed.

As we knew, f 1.8 aperture camera

As well as the specifications of the screen, some of the features of the cameras own LG had anticipated them us: we will have a 16-Megapixel sensor in the rear and one of 8 MP on the front. The most outstanding novelty can be found in the lens of the main Chamber, which will have a maximum opening f 1.8 (theoretically will pick up 80% more light than the LG G3).

Color spectrum sensing

This is a novelty: in addition to the focus laser which we already had in the G3, G4 LG incorporates a spectrum of color sensor. It is an infrared that measures and analyzes the colors in the scene before the picture is taken. It should improve the image processing providing more natural and vivid colors.

And manual mode with RAW shooting

Finally we see a large manufacturer (with permission of Nokia) betting on RAW format, manual mode and comprehensive controls so that the photographers with more technique can play with the mobile camera. In the application of the G4 camera we can modify parameters such as the speed of the shutter, Aperture or ISO, In addition to save our photos uncompressed so you can edit them thoroughly then.

In addition to the news of LG UX 4.0

The LG G4 will come with the latest version of LG interface about Android Lollipop: LG UX 4.0. Some of the new features are still in the line of previous versions: the mobile becomes more intelligent offering suggestions and automation throughout the entire experience, for example in the calendar Smart Calendar.

If something about the LG G4 is us, we’ll see later on April 28.