San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants / San Francisco Giants. The Giants franchise has always belonged to the National League, they began in 1883 playing in New York. In their first two years they were the Gothams, since 1885 they are the Giants and since 1958 they are in San Francisco. In history, they are the winningest team in MLB with over 10,500.

Divisions and Playoffs.

According to agooddir, the Giants have been in the National League all the time and since 1969 in the Western Division. They have 7 World Series won (1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, 1954, 2010, 2012), 22 National League titles (1888, 1889, 1904, 1905, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1917, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1933, 1936, 1937, 1951, 1954, 1962, 1989, 2002, 2010, 2012), 8 divisional pennants (1971, 1987, 1989, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2010, 2012), 1 wild card (2002). In 1888 and 1889 they beat the St. Louis Browns and Brooklyn Bridegrooms in what would be the World Series at that time. Jim Mutrie was the team manager during those successful years.

The John McGraw era.

Going to the modern era, John McGraw held the managerial position from 1903 to 1932bringing many joys to the fans in New York. In 1904 they won the National League imposing a 106-47 mark, but there was no World Series because McGraw considered a great difference between the two leagues. The following year, winning one game less, they again reached first place in the National League and now the World Series was played, facing the Philadelphia Athletics. The Giants took the series in 5 games by shutting out in the four they won. The first was launched by Christy Mathewson and it was victory for NY 3-0 and although the Athletics tied the series with the same slate, the next three with great performances by Mathewson and Joe McGinnity won 9-0, 1-0 and 2-0 on slates. Christy Mathewson pitched three complete games for a total of 27 innings and no run allowed. In fact, all three of Philadelphia’s touchdowns were dirty.

1911-1913 series.

The next National League title came in 1911 winning 99 games and the rival in the Fall Classic was again Philadelphia. Christy Mathewson opened the series and the Giants began winning 2-1, two days later it would be tied. The next game went into extra innings, A’s pitcher Jack Coombs threw 11 innings allowing two runs and won his team by the minimum. Pennsylvania won again to get closer to revenge, NY turned it around in the fifth game to win 4-3 in 10 innings, but in game 6, the Athletics crushed 13-2 taking revenge of what happened 6 years behind. Christy Mathewson lost two games despite her 2.00 ERA on the series. In 1912, again the Giants reached the World Series, this time facing Boston. The Red Sox led 3-1 in the series, NY tied to force a final game, which was started by Christy Mathewson. The game went to extra innings tied at 1, the Giants took advantage with a hit by Fred Merkle. In the bottom of the 10th, a single by Tris Speaker and a sacrifice fly by Larry Gardner off Mathewson for Boston’s 3-2 win leaving the Giants on the ground and taking the championship. They played their third consecutive World Series by also qualifying in 1913, a series against the Athletics shorter than the previous ones. Again, the Giants lost, now Philadelphia won in 5 games with 7 RBIs from Home Run Baker.

1917 series.

The Giants reached the National League pennant again in 1917 by finishing with a 98-56 record, Heinie Zimmerman chipping in 102 runs on the season. In the World Series they lost to the White Sox in 6 games, the fourth in a row they have lost. Chicago pitchers Eddie Cicotte and Red Faber wore the title to their team. But there would come a time when NY would tire of losing, in 1921 they ran into the other team from the Big Apple, the Yankees. The series was the one who won 5 out of 9 games. After the Mules won the first two games 3-0 including shutouts by Carl Mays and Waite Hoyt, but based on sticks the Giants returned triumphing 13-5 and 4-2 to tie at two per side. With great performances from Phil Douglas and Art Nehf, the Giants won three of the last four, now remaining with the championship. The successes continued, they returned in 1922to face the Yankees and Giants, again winning those led by John McGraw, but this time by sweep. Jack Scott, Jesse Barnes, Art Nehf and Hugh McQuillan they were part of the champion’s rotation. After two consecutive World Series titles, the Giants’ competitiveness and superiority over the rest of their league continued to prevail. The following year, the Fall Classic was contested again by the Yankees and Giants, ending in 6 games in favor of the Mules. Babe Ruth, Everett Scott, Wally Schang, Sad Sam Jonesand Waite Hoyt, some of them. In 1924, the fourth consecutive National League title was given to the Giants, giving a dramatic WS before the Washington Senators. The first game was 4-3 in favor of NY in 12 innings with Art Nehf and Walter Johnson pitched complete.. The next day, it was the same board but favoring the Senators, who with a Roger Peckinpaugh double left on the field. It remained very even until the last moment, the series reaching 7 games. The decider was opened by Virgil Barnes and Curly Ogdenfor New York and Washington respectively, Ogden only faced two batters, striking out one and walking the other, leaving the responsibility to George Mogridge. The Giants led 3-1 in the middle of the eighth, but in that inning a hit by manager / player Bucky Harris drove in two to tie the game. The game went 3-3 in 12 innings, a double by Earl McNeely against Jack Bentley. brought Muddy Ruel home, in an inning where the NY defense made two mistakes and the Senators were champions by leaving the field.

End of the McGraw era.

The McGraw era ended in 1932, the last eight years were competitive, but without a title. Bill Terry took over as manager / player during 32 ‘and in his first full season (1933) he reached the World Series. Terry hit.322 and Mel Ott produced 103 runs, Carl Hubbellfinished with a 1.66 ERA. Already in the Fall Classic, they ran into the Senators again, Washington could only rescue one thanks to the shutout of Earl Whitehill, the others were in favor of NY, going the last two games to extra innings, it was the fourth title of World Series for the Giants. In 1936, they won the National again and lost to the Yankees in 6 games in the WS. The Bronx Bombers made 43 runs in the series, again met a year later and now the Yankees won in 5.

1951 series.

After that, many years passed for them to succeed again, until 1951 they won a pennant again, being led by Leo Durocher. They tied in record with Brooklyn, so they had a series of three games to define the champion of the National. In the decisive game, the Giants trailed 4-1 in the ninth, but turned it around to leave the Dodgers on the field with a score of 5-4. It all ended with a three-run HR from Bobby Thomson producing three. The world series was against the Yankees, after with great work Dave Koslo won the first throwing the entire route, the Bronx ended up winning in 6 games, for the Giants we can highlight the batting of Al Dark in the series (.417, 1 HR, 4 RBI). Three years later they clinched their fifth World Series title by sweeping the Cleveland Indians. The first went to extra innings and finished 5-2 in 10 episodes with a three-run homer by Dusty Rhodes, the next were 3-1, 6-2 and 7-4 slates. Rhodes produced seven in this series. The most memorable play is the catch of Willie Mays, the NY outfielder in Game 1, falling on his back with a ball connected by Vic Wertz to the center. It was the last championship in New York, since in 1958 they went to San Francisco.

Success in the Bay.

The first success of the Giants in the Bay was in 1962 winning the National when finishing with 103 victories led by Al Dark. In the Fall Classic they faced the Yankees, taking turns their triumphs reaching the seventh game at Candlestick Park. Ralph Terrystarted for the Yankees and Jack Sandorf for San Francisco. Terry threw the entire route allowing just 4 hits and shutting out in NY’s 1-0 win. The Giants dropped a runner in third in the ninth inning. Terry was the MVP shooting three games, winning two and an ERA of 1.80 in the series.

Surprises without laurels.

After this fall in the World Series, the rest of the 60s was interesting for the Giants, but without being able to win anything again. Charlie Fox arrived as manager in 1970 and in 71 ‘, led by pitchers Gaylor Perry (16-12, 2.76), Juan Marichal (18-11, 2.94) and Bobby Bonds bat (.288, 33 HR, 102 RBI), played the National League Championship Series falling three games to one with the Pirates. The following seasons were not so good, now there was a greater difference between one postseason series and another. In fact, in 1985 they lost 100 games. Roger craig was the manager two years later when they won the West with 90 wins and lost in 7 games the championship series against St Louis after losing SF the last two games to shutouts thanks to great exits from John Tudor and Danny Cox, the series by Giants outfielder Jeffrey Leonard, who hit 4 home runs.

1998 series.

In 1989, the story was a little better. San Francisco won the West again, with a season of Will Clark (.333, 23 HR, 111 RBI), MVP Kevin Mitchell (.291, 47 HR, 125 RBI) and his pitchers, the experienced Rick Reuchel (17- 8, 2.94) and Scott Garrets (14-5, 2.28). They beat the Cubs four games to one to then reach their first World Series in 27 years. They faced the Oakland Athletics, who had won 99 games this season. The first game was at the Coliseum, the Athletics won 5-0 with a spectacular Dave Stewart throwing the entire route. The next was also for Oakland, 5-1. In the third, scheduled for the October 17there was an earthquake minutes before the game so the series stopped and continued ten days later. When resuming on the 27th, the Athletics were on fire, José Cansecodrove 3, Dave Henderson 4 and triumphed 13-7 putting San Francisco against the wall. Oakland finished the work the next day in a 9-6 victory. Dave Stewart was the MVP with two wins and an ERA of 1.69. Mike Moore was the starter and winner in the other two games.

San Francisco under Dusty’s command.

Dusty Baker took over as manager from 1993 to 2002. They played division series in 1997, but were swept by the Florida Marlins. In 2000, they reached the same point, but lost 3 of 4 to the Mets. The 2002 brought a different story, with a monstrous year of Barry Bonds (.370, 46 HR, 110 RBI) and rescuing Jeff Kent (.313, 37 HR, 108 RBI) they went to the World Series after beating Braves and Cardinals in divisionals and NLCS respectively. They found the Angels in the Fall Classic in what was an even series. They were tied at two per side, until a 16-4 beating in Game 5 brought the Giants closer to their first championship in the bay, but the Angels trailed in Game 6 winning 6-5 and the seventh 4-1. getting his first celebration at the end of October. Troy Glaus earned the MVP by hitting.385 with 3 homers and 8 RBIs in the series.

Series of 2010, the long-awaited series.

With Felipe Alou, they stayed in divisionals against the Marlins the following year, but 2010 was the expected season. Bruce Bochy was the manager and with 92 wins, the Giants won the NL West on the final day against San Diego. In the playoffs, they beat the Braves in four games, which was the last of Bobby Cox’s career. Against the Philadelphia Phillies in a heavy-pitching Championship Series, the Giants prevailed in six games to reach the Fall Classic against the Texas Rangers. The first meeting, on October 27, which seemed like a duel between Tim Lincecum for the Giants and Cliff Lee for the Rangers, it was a game of many runs, San Francisco took the victory 11-7. The second had a different procedure, Matt Cain, SF pitcher threw 7.2 blank innings, while CJ Wilsonpitched 6 innings receiving two runs. The Giants had seven in the eighth already with two outs in a disastrous moment from the Texas bullpen that knocked them out of the game. The bay team won 9-0. Colby Lewis threw a very good game three for the Rangers for a 4-2 scoreline that brought his team closer, but only that one could be carried. Madison bumgarner He was on the mound for 8 episodes, received no touchdown and his team won 4-0. The series ended in 5 games, a good duel now between Lincecum and Lee, which was opened in the seventh by a three-run homer in the seventh by Edgar Renteria and the Giants won 3-1 for what was their first World Series won since 1954. Colombian Renteria was the MVP with home runs that brought pool runs in two of the victories.

2012 series.

In 2012, the Giants won the West Division by entering the postseason. It was a great year for pitcher Matt Cain, who pitched a Perfect Game on June 13 against the Astros and also started the All-Star Game. In divisionals, they met the Cincinnati Reds, the series started in San Francisco, the Reds won the first two games. However, the Giants made a great comeback, triumphing in the next three to get into the Championship Series. There they faced the then champion St. Louis Cardinals, the Cardinals had a 3-1 lead in the series, but Bruce Bochy’s team did it again. Barry Zito pitched 7.2 scoreless innings to bring the action back to the Bay. Ryan Vogelsong and Matt Cain along with a fiery offense led the Giants to a new comeback. There were 6 victories in possible elimination games. Marco Scutaro was the MVP of this series. Within the Fall Classic, his rival was Detroit. The Tigers had their best starter Justin Verlander in Game 1 at AT&T Park, while Barry Zito started for the Giants. Verlander was caught with sticks, Pablo Sandoval hit three home runs in that first game and San Francisco won 8-3. Next was a good pitching game, Madison Bumgarner he covered 7 scoreless innings and the Giants had two runs, enough to win again. Upon moving to Detroit, the pitching continued in a big way. Ryan Vogelsong was the team’s best pitcher in the playoffs, reliever Tim Lincecum did a great job. The Giants won the third game 2-0. They were crowned by winning Game 4 4-3 in 10 innings. A hit from Marco Scutaro sending Ryan Theriothome. Sergio Romo struck out Miguel Cabrera for the final out. The “Kung Fu Panda” Pablo Sandoval received the MVP and the Giants sweeping the Tigers won their seventh World Series.

Withdrawn Numbers.

Number Player
3 Bill Terry
4 Mel ott
eleven Carl hubbell
twenty Mount irvin
24 Willie mays
27 Juan Marichal
30 Orlando cepeda
36 Gaylord perry
44 Willie McCovey
42 Jackie Robinson (Retired by all MLB)
CM Christy Mathewson
JM John mcgraw
LS Lon Simmons (commentator)
RH Russ Hodges (commentator)


Giants leaders in certain departments

Statistics Player Quantity
H Willie mays 3187
RBI Mel ott 1860
HR Willie mays 646
SB Mike tiernan 428
W Christy Mathewson 372
SW Christy Mathewson 2504
SV Robb nen 206
CG Christy Mathewson 434


During their early years, the Giants played at various parks including the Polo Grounds, Oakland Park, St. George Grounds, Polo Grounds II, Polo Grounds III, and Hilltop Park. They were consolidated into a park in 1911 with the Polo Grounds IV. This stage had capacity for 34,000 fans in its beginning, but later it rose to 55,000. The Giants played there until the end of their stay in NY. When they went to San Francisco, they spent two years at Seals Stadium and from 1960 on at Candlestick Park, where the NFL teams also played. Since 2000 his home is AT&T Park (formerly Pacific Bell Park), where Giants fans have experienced great moments such as the World Series, a perfect game and Barry Bonds’ home runs, where they record some of the best innings in baseball.

San Francisco Giants

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