Samsung Sends a SIII Galaxy to a Canadian Customer Who Sent Them a Drawing of a Dragon

Companies must learn how to keep customers happy to give the image of a company that appreciates its customers and knows them to be satisfied. Undoubtedly one of the bittersweet max is Samsung with a policy of updates can be improved, but that it enjoys at least a satisfactory customer service, and that is what has demonstrated with this strange and funny event.

A few weeks ago a customer with more humor than money decided to contact Samsung via Facebook with the following message.

Hello, I have purchased many products from Samsung. At the moment I have a LCD TV, a Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung laptop. I was wondering if you could have a Galaxy SIII free.

I enclose a drawing of a dragon I made for you.

A greeting.

The response from Samsung could not be more daunting at the same time strange

Hello Shane.

Thank you for trying to get free a Galaxy SIII. Unfortunately, if we had a free Yeah to all who ask, surely us down without them before even going out to the market and the company would collapse. That said, your drawing is amazing, so we’re going to respond please. You attach the drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle

This could have happened as a simple case of humor that one has his fellow geeks, but we are on the Internet and these things fly like wildfire. The story became famous on Reddit, doing to countless sites with as few advertising impact. And the surprise has just arrived at Shane with a very exclusive Galaxy SIII.

It was neither more nor less than a single limited edition unit of a custom, being mentioned dragon Galaxy SIII, leaving the owner as someone fairly privileged for having such terminal. Samsung obviously looking for some marketing campaign, but it is certainly an idea as little graciosa of content to a client that has given so much publicity.