Samsung Galaxy SIII Reopens The Debate with a Full Test of Resistance

Samsung Galaxy SIII is, on its own merits, the King of Android smartphones. However, upon him be poured praise and fierce criticism everywhere, with the most recurrent debate focused on the design and materials.

We had seen previously several videos with the flagship of Samsung Koreans resistance tests, although none had been as extensive as the one done by the people of GizmoSlip, some well known boys upload videos doing test falls to devices and destroy them in an eye-catching way if these do not survive.

Samsung Galaxy SIII you have had to pass by three different drop tests, always from a height of some 1.2 meters, the equivalent of a fall above the waist. The first test was an impact with the back, the second with a corner of the device and the last falling directly on screen.

This time, as it has engraved with super slow motion, We can appreciate the details of the battering, which in the first fall and with the back, absorbing hit already damaged the glass that protects the sensor of the camera. In the second fall, bouncing on the floor on a corner, is when the device comes out worst stopped, breaking the screen and generating numerous damages.

For the third test, already testimonial, dropped on screen generates only cosmetic damage, although the terminal was not able to survive test of resistance, so from the minute 3:31 you can attend to the total destruction of the device.

Certainly the terminals of this type, very fine and with a big screen, not typically go well unemployed a fall, although always it depends on the angle and other factors the terminal to survive or not.

Samsung Galaxy SIII we must say that the design is exquisite, but find that feeling of Boulder make sure the screen is beveled edges and exposed to absorb directly falls and shock. This causes damage easily, and even if it is true that the feeling of the terminal is good, it should have been taken into account by Samsung that it would make the particularly fragile terminal.

We leave you with the video, but not encourage that we suffer in the comments your impressions: