Samsung Galaxy SIII Also Vera Light Format Developer Edition

Samsung Galaxy SIII, flagship of the company corena, will also arrive in special version for developers. This is news because even though many do not understand Android without the freedom that implies its open source philosophy, most manufacturers have given lurches in its decision to open or close its terminals to the modifications homemade.

The truth is that finally, and some have little, they all put gates to the field directly releasing the bootloader or making this process easy. Even LG in Italy distanced itself keeping the warranty on modified terminals.

Samsung is no stranger to the community, not in vain nearly a year ago having in payroll to the most famous of the developers of the platform, the creator of Cyanogenmod Steve Kondik, so it’s no wonder news of this type.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Developer Edition It will therefore allow install any ROM custom without problems, since your bootloader will be fully open.

The terminal has appeared on the website of Samsung USA, and will come with Verizon as operator associated version of 32 GB, in what constitutes a clear commitment to try to place it as development platform before the Galaxy, Nexus terminal making honours in that aspect so far.

Have been confirmed in addition various data about the device, which will only be available through the own Samsung shop, and in the North American country will come with 12 months warranty to priced at 599 euros.

At the moment, and despite the label “coming soon”, We don’t have release dates or if it will skip the U.S. borders, although it would be nice as an option for those who wish to have a completely open terminal without warranty problems.