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Riga Stradins University


Brief information

According to AbbreviationFinder, Riga Stradins University is one of the leading universities in the Baltics. It has its origins in the Faculty of Medicine of the State University of Latvia, founded in 1919. After a series of restructurings, in 2002 the university was named Riga Stradins University, after the famous doctor Pauls Stradiņš, who contributed a lot to the advancement of medical sciences.

International students who would like to study medicine are particularly interested in the English-language courses offered by the university ’s faculties of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy.

However, Riga Stradins University also offers various English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs in management, social science, health science and health economics.

The university attaches great importance to an international orientation of teaching. It takes part in the Erasmus program and also has partnerships with various foreign universities such as the University of Münster, the Charité Berlin or Lund University in Sweden.

Students at Riga Stradins University come from all parts of the world including Australia, Canada, India, Lebanon, USA, England and Germany. Studying in Riga thus becomes a truly international experience.

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University facts

Year of foundation: 1950

Type of university: State university

Number of students: total 8059, international 1918


  • Ministry of Education and Science

Academic year:

The academic year at Riga Stradins University is divided into two semesters.

Study programs

  • bachelor’s degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Other courses

International students at Riga Stradins University have the opportunity to complete an EU-wide recognized bachelor’s degree in English.

Various courses are offered in the health sector and in management. The duration of the courses is three to four years, with the course beginning in September.

The Bachelor in International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in all relevant areas of entrepreneurship, from economic trends and innovation management to communication skills, leadership and strategic know-how.

In the health sector, practice-related courses such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy or nursing are offered.

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Riga Stradins University tuition fees for bachelor degree programs differ depending on the program chosen. The respective amounts per academic year can be found under the following link.

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International applicants for a bachelor’s degree at Riga Stradins University must have a higher education entrance qualification ( Abitur ) in their home country.

In addition, depending on the course chosen, they must prove that they have attended certain subjects such as mathematics and/or biology in the upper grades for at least two semesters. You can find out which subjects are involved by clicking on the link below.

International applicants must also provide proof of their English language skills. A standardized language test such as the TOEFL or IELTS can be submitted for this purpose. For German applicants, however, the Abitur certificate is sufficient as proof of language proficiency if it shows good to very good English grades in the upper school.

The language skills can be proven by one of the following test results or documents:

CAE 160
TOEFL (internet based) 80
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Studies/courses in English

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Bachelor in Health Care – Nursing
  • Professional Bachelor in Health Care – Occupational Therapy
  • Professional Bachelor in Health Care – Physiotherapy


Riga Stradins University is located opposite the historical Old Town on the left bank of the Daugava River in one of the very green parts of Riga. The campus can be reached by tram and bus in just a few minutes from the city center.

Just as in the area around the university, there are also large green areas on the campus itself, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The clinic is directly affiliated with the university, so that no long distances have to be covered.

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Riga Stradins University provides information for the students who need accommodation.

The following accommodation options are available:

  • Private apartments / hotels

The university city of Riga

With around 750,000 inhabitants, the city of Riga is the capital of Latvia and the geographic center of the Baltic States.

Riga is not only one of the economically most important locations in the Baltic States, but also the center of science and research as well as a center for education. The city is also known for its architecture, which consists largely of medieval buildings and many Art Nouveau buildings and is well preserved. The old town with the historic center is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Despite the history and culture, Riga is a city that has developed and grown in its more than 800-year history from the old Hanseatic city on the Dvina to a modern and cosmopolitan city.

Riga Stradins University

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