Remedies to Control the Binge Eating

Remedies to Control the Binge Eating

The best way to treat binge eating is to do sessions of psychotherapy to change your behaviour and the way they think about food, developing techniques that help you have a healthier attitude in relation to what it eats.

However, the psychiatrist may also have an important role through the prescription of remedies that help relieve the compulsion, so that it is easier to focus on what the counselor or therapist are trying to teach during psychotherapy.

The main remedies for binge eating

The drugs used to treat binge eating are antidepressants, the drivers of the appetite and drivers of the nervous system such as:

  • Sibutramine: releases the hormone GLP1 in the gut, providing a feeling that you don’t need to eat more;
  • Fluoxetineor Sertraline: improve the feeling of well-being, because they perform directly under the serotonin, a chemical present in the brain that improves mood, decreases your desire to eat sweets and promotes satiety;
  • Topiramate: it is a medicine usually used to treat seizures, but they can also be used to decrease the excess of appetite;
  • Dimesilato of lisdexanfetamina: it is usually used for the treatment of hyperactivity in children, but can be used in adults to decrease the appetite uncontrolled, promoting satiety.



Any remedy for binge eating should always be guided by a psychiatrist or doctor specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, since the dose of each drug may vary according to the weight and age of each person.

This type of remedies should only be used when other natural forms are not showing results in the treatment of binge eating. In addition, during the treatment with these remedies it is very important to keep the sessions of psychotherapy, as well as to maintain a regular plan of physical exercise and a balanced diet.

Possible side effects

Although they may be used under medical advice, these drugs are not completely safe, especially when used for long periods of time. Some of the most common side-effects include dry mouth, insomnia, dizziness, memory problems, tingling in hands and feet, difficulty speaking or sedation.


Options natural remedies for binge eating

Before you use the medicine to control binge eating, can be tested for some natural options that help to reduce appetite, such as:

  • Chia seeds: add 25 g of chia to all meals;
  • Saffron: take 90 mg of saffron in capsules, 2 times per day;
  • Psyllium husk: ingest 20 g, about 3 hours before lunch and dinner, as well as immediately after;
  • Caralluma fimbriata: take 1 g capsules, 1 time per day.

These options of the natural remedies may take up to 1 or 2 months of continuous use to present the effects desired, however, typically does not exhibit side effects and, therefore, can be a good alternative to the medicines of the pharmacy.

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