Remedies That Can Cause Depression

Remedies That Can Cause Depression

There are some medications that can lead to the induction of depression as a side effect. Usually this effect happens only in a small percentage of people and, in these cases, the drug should be replaced by the doctor, by another that has the same action, but do not induce this side effect.

The mechanism of action by which these drugs induce a depression is not always the same and, therefore, if a person to develop depression as a side effect of a drug, this does not mean that it occurs with other drugs that can also exert this adverse effe.

The medicines that are most likely to trigger a depression are the beta-blockers commonly used in cases of hypertension, corticoids, benzodiazepines, medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease or anticonvulsants, for example.

List of some remedies that can cause depression


Not all people suffer from depression after the treatment with these medicines. However, in the case of the patient presenting symptoms such as deep sadness, easy crying, or loss of power, for example, must consult the doctor who prescribed the medicine so that he can re-evaluate the need to use or replace the remedy with another that does not cause the same symptoms of depression.

It is important to know that the onset of depression may not be related to the medicines the person is taking, but rather with other factors.

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