Reflexology to Improve Sleep of the Baby

Reflexology to Improve Sleep of the Baby

Reflexology to improve sleep of the baby is a simple way to reassure a baby busy and help you fall asleep and should be done when the baby is relaxed, warm, clean and comfortable, as at the end of the day after the bath, for example.

To start massage, reflexology, lay the baby on a comfortable surface in a quiet environment without noises and with a temperature around 21 ° C . The light should have an intensity average, while keeping the visual contact with the baby talking to him with the sweet voice and in a low tone.


Step-by-step massage reflexology

Step 1

Hold the right foot of the baby, lightly pressing the area with the fleshy of the big toe, with your thumb simulating circles. This step should be repeated 2-3 times just in the right foot.

Step 2

Press with the thumb on the top center of the sole of the two feet of the baby at the same time. Is the point called the solar plexus, which is slightly below between the base of the big toe and the toe following. Press and release 3 times.


Step 3

Place your finger on the side internal of the sole of the foot of the baby and slide by pressing point-to-point from the heel to the top of the big toe.

At the end of the scheme, steps 1 and 3 must be repeated on the left foot.

If even with this massage, your baby has trouble falling asleep or wake up often during the night, he may be sick or bothered with the birth of the first little teeth. In this case, it is very important to know how to relieve the pain of the birth of the baby teeth, or figure out what is the reason of his agitation for reflexology or any other method to fall asleep the baby to work.

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