Rare Perfume

Are you also so that you do not like mass fragrances? Although perfumes on different people different smell, the recognition value of classic and fashion fragrances is quite high. That alone is already a reason not to use such fragrances for me.

Looking for the right scent for me, am I struck it rich at last after a long search and decided for individual scents from the Osmo’s line of Il Profumo. There are individual fragrances as Osmo fragrance (natural spray) and Osmo Absolu (oil) in this particular series. The special thing about this scent is that it directly on the skin are worn, merge with her and slowly emit the scent over 24 hours and develop. Individual fragrances can be mixed with each other. If you like scents like skin stressed, you will love the Osmo scents. For Christmas, I have allowed myself the MUSC blue.

My hysterical hypo-allergenic skin can perfectly withstand the scents on the top of the forearm, on the inner side of the forearm versions iel is for my skin. So I’m wearing to hold top – goes as well. The oil is also perfect body lotions mix in. Because the oils are not very long-lasting – only 12 months after opening according to packaging – I make it then also tend to need them. At the same time, I can justify the high price before me better because matching spare me so that my cheap body lotion pimpe and money for the fragrance…

Localbusinessexplorer advises you to purchase in perfumery Kloth in Seeetal-Hittfeld extensively and repeatedly. In Hamburg, the fragrances in the Alsterhaus should be available. Other sources are not known to me in Hamburg. Has put me next to the detailed advice that Mrs Kloth has the scent upon credit card payment via messengers without charge me over can enthusiastically because I live about 20 km away and have no more personally then managed before Christmas. That’s what I call service!

What is your favorite scent?