Pregnancy: 40 Ssw to Birth Baby Belly and Anticipation

It actually happened: You’re pregnant! Nine exciting months are now in front of you. What can come to you and what you have to look out for? We know it.

From the first sign of pregnancy to the moment of birth. accompanies you through the exciting months with baby bauch.

First Signs Of Pregnancy

There are women who already feel a few hours after a fertilization that they are pregnant. Others do not know anything until the period fails. But there are other signs that indicate pregnancy. The first sign is often a change in breasts: They become bigger and begin to stretch. Further information is nausea, mood swings, fatigue or pulling in the abdomen and altered appetite. The main reason for all these symptoms is the conversion of the hormone balance. A pregnancy test now creates certainty. If it is positive, it is time to make an initial appointment with the female doctor.

Physical Changes: Baby Belly And More

Pregnancy confirmed? Very good! Your life will change greatly for the next few months. You get a baby tummy, have to pay attention to your diet and health and prepare you for life with baby. But we start with your body: How much a woman increases during pregnancy is individual. On average, however, women gain between eight and twelve kilograms of body weight. In addition, skin, hair and nails will change – some women get thicker hair and a rosy skin, others complain of brittle hair, pimples and brittle nails.

Your eating habits will be different. But do not think you have to eat for two! What is important is that you take more protein, vitamins and minerals to you. So eat your food and eat fresh product. From your diet, you should instead: raw milk products, raw meat, too much sweet and fat.

Everyday Life Of A Pregnant Woman

The everyday life with baby can be exciting, but sometimes also cumbersome. According to, typical ailments include fatigue, nausea, heartburn and back pain. Give you a lot of rest, your body is currently doing a high performance. The chewing of dry oatmeal can help against nausea and heartburn, and you should eat more often, but less. Back pain helps an upright posture and certain exercises.

Sport with baby belly? Not a problem. Although not every sport – such as diving, equipment and team sports – against swimming and yoga for pregnant women, there is no objection, for example, as long as you drink a lot and listen to your body feeling. And sex? Is also allowed, if you are healthy and your pregnancy so far runs without complications. Many women even get more pleasure when you are pregnant.

What you need to observe in your everyday life, will be explained to you by your female doctor.

Preparation For Birth And Baby

The development of your baby is regularly checked during pregnancy care. By ultrasound – three such investigations usually paid the statutory health insurance – you can also take a look at your unborn.

To prepare for the birth, it is advisable to visit a course of the same name at the end of pregnancy – also to get to know other pregnant women. This course is usually paid by the health insurance company. Otherwise, of course, great shopping tours and baby parties belong to the beautiful side of the preparation for a life of three.

Legal: This Is Mothers Too

Stay the legal issues. What is changing for pregnant women in the job and what opportunities are there for parents? Maternal mothers fall under the Maternity Protection Act. For employed women this means, for example, that they do not have to work on Sundays and public holidays or after 8 pm. One of the instruments of family support is maternity, parental, child and child allowance. You can find out more about all these legal aspects on the website of the Ministry of Families.