Playful Purist: Wedding Gowns By Noni

Petticoat! Floral! Grinding! Soft colors! At the sight of this collection of the Cologne-based label Yagi I broke out over the holidays in complete Rapture.

Time markedly reduced, even girlish playful, purist and yet detail: so the season can come by 2015! Even if we’re stuck here in the depths of winter, we can Yes but ever dreaming of spring. So please: Pour tea, put your feet along Cup, and here you go the journey…

Was founded Yagi by the Cologne designers Johanne boss man and Judith Müller almost 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the dresses in the South are to get: at La Promess in Königsbrunn in Augsburg and bride whispers in the Austrian Villach.

The concept is one of the most beautiful German bridal market for me. The dresses are all made of silk, the cuts among other things reminiscent of the 1950s and connect historical details with modern designs. The Clou: All noni models, there are color-coordinated accessories like head ornaments, shoe clips, boleros, belt and clip earrings.

The bridal gowns and accessories from are all made in the Cologne Studio of noni. 20 seamstresses fit the cuts to measure, so that every bride can determine length, shape and colours. And even if so every time are unique, the dresses of noni have but a very distinctive signature.

I think the collection is 2015 by noni plain and simply delightful!

Wedding dresses from the German-speaking countries have a unique, sophisticated and elegant style. More examples of German designer collections are for example Therese & Louise from Wasserburg am Inn and küssdiebraut from Mannheim.