PicMe: Screenshots of Quickly and Easily

Unlike other operating systems Android does not have the option to take screenshots. By default we do not have any application or any combination of buttons to save photos from your device and to share them with our friends.

However this small handicap has many possible solutions. We can install the SDK and make catches from your computer or install any of the many applications that exist in the market. However the most useful and practical is PicMe.

It is true that all the applications available in the market do serve that purpose: make screenshots. However once we have to pass it on to the computer by USB cable, Bluetooth, etc. It is not a nuisance but it already involves one step further.

Here is what makes this application different and more practical. With PicMe We can make screenshots of our devices from your computer without having to install the SDK.

The procedure is very simple: once installed the application and open it will give us a local IP address. Copy this address into your browser and voila, we have our screen capture ready to save it on your PC.

To do with PicMe screenshots only need to be connected to a WiFi network with computers and have root access.

As we have already said, there are other alternatives like ShootMe (of the same creator) which allows us to make screenshots (and video) by shaking the device. All applications are very similar but If we want to keep them directly in the PC PicMe is the best choice.


Download Free PicMe Photo Sharing, PicMe Photo Sharing 2.1 …

Download Free PicMe Photo Sharing, PicMe Photo Sharing 2.1 ...

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