Parrot Day, Android on The Smartest Digital Frame Class

Who said that Android is only for mobile phones and tablets? Parrot not, of course, and that brings a rarity: Day, a digital photo frame with Android, and care exterior design.

It has a screen 10.4 inch LCD, in 4:3 aspect ratio, and a resolution of 800 by 600 and a color depth of 24 bits. To be able to take advantage of Android, it offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can upload the photos in the internal memory via USB, SD/MMC card slot, or sending it to an email address dedicated RSS. Moreover, because the framework has two USB ports, even possible connect a keyboard or mouse.

The screen is translucent, and they have left a space between it and the backlight. Hence the gap can be seen on the side of the frame. The effect is curious, since the backlight seems “ escape ” by the edges of the frame.

Applications on Android

Thanks to Android and the possibility to connect to internet, the frame has several original applications. The user can enjoy travel the world with photos Geolocated in Google Maps, with the application ‘ Holidays & #8217;. You can also use this interface to view your own trips Geolocated photos. By the way, Parrot Dia is compatible with MobileMe, Picasa or Flickr.

With ‘ FrameChannel & #8217;, Parrot Dia frame can display information in real time using RSS feeds: weather forecasts, financial news, traffic, sports scores … if you get bored of your own photos, with ‘ Cabinet of curiosities & #8217; You can enjoy animations made from illustrations of the late 19th century, to give a poetic and surreal touch to this framework of design in the 21st century.

In addition, the framework has associated applications for mobile phones, which can transmit photos from your terminal to the framework just by sliding your finger on the screen. By nonsense that seems, this application is only available for iPhone at the moment. It is worth to them.

What do you think of invention? Is beautiful, right? As we have more curious devices that work with Android, now I will be talking about them.


  • Wi-Fi b/g with simplified through a virtual SES/WPS button connection: the photos are received through a dedicated RSS, email address or through the sharing of photos with a PC or Mac directory. Supports WEP, WPA and WPA2. 100m range without obstacles.
  • Application move to a simple transfer of photos (for iPhone)
  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR: to transfer photos from a Mac, PC, Bluetooth mobile phone, etc. It supports FTP, OPP and beep profiles.
  • USB type A, 2 ports (compatible with Flash USB drives, external hard drives, iPhone, mouse, keyboard …)
  • Compatible with HC/HS SD/MMC card slot
  • Android OS (Parrot does not specify version)
  • Integrated online services: Frame Channel, MobileMe, Picasa and Flick ’ r
  • Automatic update via Wi-Fi (possibility of backup via an SD card or USB Flash drive)
  • Photos format: JPEG
  • Alarm function
  • Internal memory: 200 MB (about 1,500 pictures according to Parrot)
  • Possibility to extend the memory internal with a SD card, USB Flash drive or hard disk
  • Default: automatically adjusts the size of the picture to the screen
  • Brightness adjustment
  • It automatically turns on the photo (portrait/landscape)
  • Standby (manual or automatic)
  • Dimensions: Width 233mm – height 185mm – depth 46 mm – weight 1 kg
  • Power cable: 2m