Ortel Mobile Launches an Interesting Data Bonus Prepaid with 550 Mb by Five Euros Per Month

Prepaid customers tend to be the most forgotten about what bonus data refers. Despite them Ortel Mobile It seems to have been agreed with and launches promotional way a bond with interesting conditions.

The new Ortel Mobile bonus offers change of five euros per month 550 Mb traffic at maximum speed. In case that the client does not consume in 30 days included traffic you will lose it and if you exceed will pay at the rate of eight cents for each mega extra.

The bonus, which in principle only can hire until the 31st of August, It is one of the most attractive for customers of prepaid, with 500 Mb by five euros with Digi or 1 Gb for six euros with Tuenti.

Continue the rest of promotions

In addition to this new bonus data Ortel Mobile continued with their regular promotions in which your customers receive distinct advantages for recharge your mobile, as balance, messages, calls, or free Internet traffic.