Narcissism: What It Is, Characteristics and How to Live Together

Narcissism: What It Is, Characteristics and How to Live Together

Narcissism is a psychological condition characterized by excessive love for himself, or for his own image, the need for attention and desire to control others. This condition may be normal in children up to two years for example, however begins to be worrying when older people exhibit these characteristics, that receives the name of the disorder of narcissistic personality.

The person-narcissist often devalues the other to make you feel good, which hinders the normal relations of the day-to-day. In spite of this, self-confidence and self-esteem of narcissists, when they are not excessive, can serve as a stimulus to other people and inspire trust.

According to Freud, narcissism has two phases:

  • Phase primary, which is characterized by self-love and overvaluation of the I;
  • The secondary stage, in which there is the development of the personality of the person and the characteristics that she believes that to differentiate them from other people.


Characteristics of a person narcissistic

The person a narcissist typically has the following characteristics:

  • The need for attention and admiration;
  • Need for approval;
  • Feeling that the world revolves around you;
  • Believe that do not have defects, will not fail nor make mistakes;
  • Intolerance to criticism;
  • Sense of being owners of the truth;
  • Believe that there is no one your height;
  • If you feel higher;
  • Excessive concern for goods, materials;
  • The devaluation of the other;
  • Lack of understanding of the feelings of another;
  • Do not listen to the other;
  • Need for, and overvaluation of the status;
  • Constant concern with beauty, power, and success;
  • Extremely ambitious;
  • Believe that you are to be envied;
  • Lack of empathy;
  • Lack of humility;
  • Contempt for the other;
  • Tendency to be arrogant.


Many times these characteristics are exalted even by family members or people close to the narcissist, which in turn stimulate this personality disorder.

The narcissists usually are not the best people to have around, because they feel good to see the other devalued. However, when these characteristics are not as exacerbated, it is possible to live well and learn some values such as sense of worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

How to live with narcissism

Usually people who suffer with narcissistic personality disorder do not really know what is happening, consider the whole situation completely normal. However, if friends and family notice the occurrence of the typical characteristics of a person’s narcissistic, it is important that there is follow-up psychological or psychiatric treatment, depending on the characteristics manifested.

The people who live daily with narcissists must also have psychological, because the devaluation of their personality can be so that you can trigger a picture of depression.

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