Movildia Cut Its Basic Rate Offering The Cheapest SMS

We have spent a few days talking about rates of Telstra and Orange but now turn to a mobile virtual network operator that long ago that we didn’t have that speak of the day supermarket chain.

Movildia, It operates under the Orange coverage, It lowers the price of its basic rate tomorrow September 1, offering domestic calls at five cents per minute, over their corresponding 0.15 euros of call set-up.

But where really highlights Movildia rate is in the price of short messages national, with the discount pass to five cents each. The rest of conditions, without minimum consumption quotas or timetables, remain unchanged.

It also maintains unchanged is the flat rate the OMV, offering in Exchange for 9.95 euros per month 100 minute national calls, 20 short messages and a euro of balance that does not expire if not used.

With the reduction by half of the price per minute and the Movildia SMS enrolls both of cheapest short messages of the market operator. In addition to 30 September the SIM card for new high or portability price will be 2.5 euros with five euros of balance.