Mobsyte, a Tool to Create Web Pages from Our Smartphone Android

Every time we spend more time browsing the mobile. What’s more, probably you are reading this from your smartphone. Have an adapted version of the content It has become crucial because when you load the style designed for a computer screen the result can be quite chaotic.

To do so, there are those who choose to hire a designer, but there are tools for companies that for various reasons do not want to make the investment as Mobsyte It allows to create pages quickly and easily from these same mobile devices.

Websites based on template in minutes

This company, of Spanish origin, has a tool for creating Web pages that can be used from your own smartphone. The proposal is simple and it allows to create personal or small business websites at the moment. Part of a free version and then have two payment plans offering different functions such as removing the logo of Mobsyte or having an own domain.

The proposal is interesting and has a few options of customization. A good option for small businesses that don’t want to make a large investment in this type of technology. However, the finish giving remains too uniform that can convince a few but to the more purist the design may seem something prefabricated.

His favor is that it could be from mobile and without great computer skills to be able to carry out. A very interesting proposal but maybe somewhat limited for those seeking to have a personal website and without any restriction.