Mania Cleaning Can Be Disease

Mania Cleaning Can Be Disease

The mania of clean up can be a disease called Obsessive Compulsive disorder, or simply OCD. In addition to being a psychological disorder that may cause discomfort to the person, this habit of wanting everything clean, it can cause allergies in people who live in the same house.

The dirt and germs present in our day-to-day are in part responsible for strengthening our immune system, especially during childhood,helping the body build its own defenses. Therefore, the excessive cleaning and the use of products that promise to kill 99.9% of germs can be hinder the construction of the necessary defenses, and harm the health.

Signs that the Mania for Cleanliness is disease

When the obsession with keeping the house clean and it grows and becomes the main task of the day, this may be a sign that turned out to be a psychological disorder.


Some of the signs that may indicate the presence of an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for cleanliness and organization include:

  • Spend more than 3 hours per day to clean the house;
  • Presence of redness or sores on the hands, which indicate the constant need for washing or disinfecting repeatedly the hands;
  • Exaggerated concern with dirt, germs or dust mites and always be sanitizing the sofa and the fridge, for example;
  • Opting out of social events, such as birthday parties, not to lose time;
  • Do not let that hold events in their own home, because she needs to be always clean, all the time;
  • In more serious cases the family itself can be restricted to certain rooms of the house and never receive visits, so as not to dirty the floor;
  • Constant need to check if everything is clean or in place;
  • Need to clean up objects that are not typically cleaned, such as credit card, cellular phone, the packaging of the milk, or car key, for example.

The Craze of cleaning becomes disorder when the habits are no longer healthy, and will be daily obligation, and dominate a person’s life, and in the presence of these symptoms is advised to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.


Usually the symptoms begin slowly and gradually increasing. Initially the person starts to wash their hands over and over, and then begins to wash the hands and arms and then begins to wash up the shoulder, and each time that you remember, which can happen on the hour.

How to treat OCD cleaning and organization

The treatment for OCD due to cleaning and organization, that is a mental illness, it is done with the advice of a psychologist or psychiatrist because you may need to take medicines anti-depressants, that reduces anxiety, and conduct psychotherapy. Typically the affected individuals also suffer from other disorders such as anxiety and depression, and therefore need professional help to overcome this disease.

The remedies can take up to 3 months to begin to have the expected effect, but to supplement this treatment with a cognitive-behavioral therapy, because this association is the best strategy to heal the OCD. Learn more details of the treatment for OCD here.

When this disease is not treated, the symptoms remain throughout life, though there is only a mitigation, or aggravation of symptoms.

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