Lytro Illum: Pro Light Field Camera Causes A Stir

Higher resolution and more control of the photographer about his paintings: The Lytro illum presented on April 22, the public was significantly improved compared to the previous model in many areas.

Light-field cameras have a distinct advantage over other cameras: a grid of micro lenses, with which not only the intensity of incident light rays can be measured, but also direction and their color is located front of the image sensor. As a result you can take up photos with a light field camera such as the Lytro illum 3D images and also, where you still in hindsight can choose, the focus should be on the detail in the image.

Impact on Mobile Devices

In June 2011, before publication of the first Lytro camera, Steve Jobs had met with the Lytro founder Ren NG, to get inspiration for improvements of the iPhone camera. The first Lytro camera appeared in 2012 and has been available since July 2013 also on the German market. It criticized mainly the low resolution which would not meet the new technology – a problem that apparently has been fixed in the new Lytro illum. The camera allows shooting with 40 so-called “Megarays”, which transferred to conventional values MP means about 4, Mashable reports. Comparison: the first Lytro camera MP had a resolution of 11 Megarays, i.e. 1.1.

How important is a good camera for the retail value of a Smartphone, the development shows the last time. Manufacturers increasingly, try to outdo, not only in relation to the megapixel but try increasingly in other improvements such as a larger depth of field. This proves currently include the HTC one M8, that can produce this effect by two rear cameras.