Loop 12 in Texas

Loop 12 in Texas


Walk 12
Get started Dallas
End Dallas
Length 48 mi
Length 77 km
Keeneland Parkway

Jefferson Boulevard

Main Street

Singleton Boulevard

Shady Grove Road

Irving Boulevard

Grauwyler Boulevard

Northwest Highway

According to Directoryaah, the Loop 12 is a state route and loop around Dallas, Texas. The road forms a full ring around Dallas, and the western portion known as Walton Walker Boulevard is a freeway. The rest of the route is a multi-lane main road in the urban area. The ring is 77 kilometers long, of which the highway section is approximately 16 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road’s start and end point is at the interchange with Interstate 30, on the west side of Dallas. From here, the 2×4 lane highway heads south, through the southwestern neighborhoods of Dallas. Soon, SR-12 turns off and SR-408 continues south toward Interstate 20. State Route 12 then continues as a single-storey six-lane highway, with median strip. Most connections are on the ground floor. It traverses the south, east and north of the city before rejoining the highway section in the northwest of the city. This starts at the interchange with Interstate 35. From here, 2×4 lanes run south. One then crosses SR-114 and SR-183, both major highways, right after each other. The three highways form a triangle in which a large stadium is located. One then passes through the east of Irving, a large suburb. After 77 kilometers you arrive at the start again, at Interstate 30.


The highway section on the west side of Dallas was part of a 1940s plan to open up an aircraft factory. The western section opened in 1949 as a narrow two-lane road. In May 1959, the western portion was incorporated into the Dallas highway plan, and highway construction began in 1966. The first portion south of SH 183 opened to traffic in 1969, with the highway completed in 1980. The portion south of I-30 was widened in 2006. The highway is named after Walton H. Walker (1889 – 1950), a general in the United States Army, who was headquartered in Dallas in the 1940s. In January 1951, one month after Walker’s death in Korea, the Loop 12 was named after him.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Irving Boulevard SH 183 3.2 km 00-00-1969
SH 114 I-35E 3.1 km 00-00-1970
SH 183 SH 114 1.0 km 00-00-1971
Spur 408 Jefferson Boulevard 3.1 km 00-00-1975
I-30 Irving Boulevard 5.0 km 20-04-1976
Jefferson Boulevard I-30 2.0 km 00-00-1980

Midtown Express

The Midtown Express project.

Due to the strong growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, the Loop 12 is becoming increasingly congested. The highway connects several major highways on the northwest side of Dallas. Traffic intensities will increase significantly until 2030. This requires major improvement projects. A study is underway for this. The study area includes Loop 12 between SH 183 and I-35E, and connects to the managed lanes of SH 183, SH 114, and I-35E. The project originally included only SH 183 and was later expanded to include SH 114 and Loop 12 and has been called “Midtown Express” since 2014.

The expansion of Loop 12 is planned in two phases. The ‘interim’ configuration includes one managed lane per direction, plus 2×3 general purpose lanes and frontage roads per direction between SH 183 and Interstate 35E. Loop 12 has not yet determined an ultimate configuration as it was not originally part of the project. The ‘Midtown Express’ project includes 42 kilometers of highway, and in addition to Loop 12 also includes SH 114 and SH 183, which will also include toll lanes.

The land acquisition was largely completed in 2013. Construction started on March 5, 2015 although a groundbreaking was also held on May 8, 2015. The interim project was completed at the end of October 2018. The project cost $847 million.

Traffic intensities

The data below concerns intensities after the relevant exit.

Exit Location 2007 2012 2016
126,000 100.00 111,000
137,000 96,000 134,000
138,000 131,000 142,000

Lane Configuration

This only concerns the highway section on the west side of Dallas.

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
I-35E SH 356 2×3 Irving
SH 356 Spur 408 2×4 Dallas

State Route 245 in California

Begin Exeter
End Pinehurst
Length 42 mi
Length 68 km
Exeter Woodlake Elderwood Pinehurst

According to ebizdir.net, State Route 245 is a state route in the U.S. state of California, located in the Sierra Nevada. The road forms a secondary north-south route from Exeter to Pinehurst in Tulare County and Fresno County. The road is 68 kilometers long.

Travel directions

North of Exeter, not far east of the town of Visalia, State Route 245 begins at an intersection with State Route 198. The road heads north, first through the far east of the San Joaquin Valley, from Woodlake through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The road is quite twisty, eventually rising to some 1,650 feet at the road’s terminus north of Pinehurst on State Route 180.


The State Route 245 is mainly for opening up a few small villages, the road has hardly any through importance and has not been developed to a high standard anywhere. The number was assigned to the current route in 1972.

Traffic intensities

3,000 to 6,000 vehicles a day travel between Exeter and Woodlake, then dropping to less than 1,000 vehicles a day in the Sierra Nevada. Only 200 vehicles per day drive around Pinehurst.

State Route 245 in California


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