Loop 1, 2 and 7 in Texas

Loop 1, 2 and 7 in Texas

Loop 1 in Texas

Walk 1
Get started Sunset Valley
End Round Rock
Length 25 mi
Length 41 km
Slaughter Lane

Deer Lane

William Cannon Drive

Southwest Parkway

Walk 360

Barton Skyway

Bee Caves Road

Downtown Austin

Windsor Road

Hillview Road

35th Street

45th Street

Allandale Road

Far West Boulevard

Anderson Lane

Steck Avenue

Capitol of Texas Highway

Braker Lane

Duval Road

Parmer Lane

Scofield Ridge Parkway

Wells Branch Parkway

Merrilltown Drive

Shoreline Drive

According to A2zdirectory, the Loop 1, also known as the Mopac Expressway is a state route and loop in the US state of Texas. The highway forms a north-south route through western Austin. The name MoPac comes from the abbreviation Missouri – Pacific Railway. The highway is 41 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The highway begins southwest of the Austin metropolitan area, in the Sunset Valley suburb. Here the road starts with 2×2 lanes, and has frontage roads. One crosses US 290, with the frontage roads intersecting at ground level. The two highways intersect at a grade – level. After this, the 2×3 lane highway runs through a wooded and hilly area. One crosses the scenic Colorado River, which flows through Austin, and passes west of downtown. The highway itself leads through the somewhat older residential areas with many trees and forests. In some places the highway runs along the old Missouri – Pacific Railroad. The highway will then have 2×3 lanes and an express lane. A 4-level stack interchange crosses US 183, the highway from Austin to Lampasas. At the newer suburb of Wells Branch, the highway joins State Highway 45, the toll road along the northern edge of Austin.


The MoPac Expressway was planned from 1961, when the region had only 160,000 inhabitants. In 1975, the first 10 miles through downtown Austin opened to traffic. In 1989, the stack interchange with US 183 opened to traffic. In the early 1990s, the highway was extended north to Parmer Lane, and in the fall of 2006, the extension opened to SH 45. This extension is constructed as a toll road. About 2005, the portion south of US 290 opened to traffic.

Express lanes

Between December 2013 and October 2017, express lanes were constructed on the MoPac Expressway from Lady Bird Lake to Parmer Lane over a length of 17 kilometers. There is one express lane in each direction. The project was delayed in execution for a total of 2 years, partly due to the contractor’s bankruptcy. The originally planned opening date was September 2015. On October 15, 2016, the first stretch of express lane opened to traffic. On October 7, 2017, the rest of the express lanes opened. In the future, express lanes are also planned south of downtown Austin, from Cesar Chávez Street to Slaughter Lane.


Tolls must be paid on the express lane. The toll is fully electronic with a TxTag or other Texan transponders, or license plate toll. Toll rates are dynamic and supply-driven.

Traffic intensities

22,000 vehicles drive daily at the south end of the highway, rising to 89,000 vehicles at the US 290 interchange and 145,000 vehicles after the SH 360 interchange and on to 214,000 vehicles at the Colorado River Bridge. Before the interchange with US 183, 172,000 vehicles drive down to 119,000 vehicles north of it. The northernmost part of the toll road has 50,000 vehicles.

Loop 2 in Texas

Walk 2
Get started waco
End waco
Length 1.4 mi
Length 2.3 km

According to agooddir, The Loop 2 is a state route and loop in the US state of Texas. The road makes a short connection in the city of Waco.

Travel directions

Loop 2 consists of two one-way streets between I-35 and US 84, 17th Street and 18th Street. Both streets have 4 lanes.


Loop 2 was first introduced in 1939 as a spur off US 81 in Waco. In 1955, the route was more clearly defined as connecting US 81 and US 84 in Waco, and later on as far as US 77. US 81 later became I-35 and was completely scrapped south of Fort Worth in 1993. In 1970, Loop 2 was shortened a little, changing its eastern starting point from US 77 to I-35. It is possible that I-35 was then opened by Waco.

Traffic intensities

16,000 vehicles drive daily at I-35 and 21,000 vehicles at US 84.

Loop 7 in Texas

Walk 7
Get started Athens
End Athens
Length 17 mi
Length 27 km
SH 19

Flat Creek Road

SH 19

Cayuga Drive

Valle Vista

The Loop 7 is a state route and loop in the US state of Texas. The road forms a complete ring road around the city of Athens in East Texas and is 27 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Walk 7 around Athens.

Loop 7 forms a complete ring road around Athens, a small town of 13,000 inhabitants, 100 kilometers southeast of Dallas. Loop 7 is a grade separated road, all intersections are grade separated but it is not a freeway, the entire road is undivided, the northern part is a 5 lane road with a center turn lane, the southern part is a two lane road. At many points there are property connections and access to companies, but the road is completely free-flow.


Loop 7 was created in 2005. Before that, Loop 7 was formed by numerous route numbers that crossed the Athens ring road, such as SH 31, US 175 and SH 19.

The northwestern part of the ring road is the oldest, before 1995 only the part over which SH 31 ran, around the northwest side of Athens, existed. Later, the eastern ring was built, followed by the southwestern part, which is the newest and opened in 2005, after which Loop 7 was a fact.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 6,000 to 12,000 vehicles drive on the north ring and 5,000 to 7,000 vehicles on the south ring of Athens.

Loop 7 in Texas

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