Learn What It Is and How to Identify the Panic Attacks

Learn What It Is and How to Identify the Panic Attacks

The syndrome of panic attacks is a psychological disorder in which they occur crises, sudden and frequent of extreme fear and dread, that cause symptoms such as cold sweat and heart palpitations.

These crises make with that the individual does not lead a normal life, because he is afraid that the crisis will come back and avoid danger. For example, if the crisis occurred in an elevator, it is common that the patient does not want to return to using the elevator at work or at home.

The main symptoms

The duration of a crisis of panic attacks depends on their severity, but typically lasts about 10 minutes, and can occur at any time, even during sleep.


It is important to remember that some symptoms may take hours to disappear, and that patients with this syndrome feel a sense of loss of control over himself during the attack, and went to live with an intense fear of having further crises. In addition, they also tend to avoid frequenting places that already have a panic attack in the past.

What causes the crisis of panic

The panic attacks do not have a definite cause, but it seems to be a hereditary disease that affects mainly women and usually appears in late adolescence and early adult life.

In addition, it is common for some people have the experience of a panic attack in life, but does not return to present the symptoms and do not develop the syndrome.

How to diagnose and treat

The syndrome of panic attacks is diagnosed by a psychiatrist from the assessment of the symptoms presented, and their treatment is done with the use of antidepressant drugs and that decrease the anxiety, but that should only be taken according to medical advice.

In addition, it is also necessary to do psychotherapy for the patient to learn different ways about how to think and react in situations of danger, helping to reduce anxiety and fear, to prevent a new panic attack.


It is important to remember that the cure of this disease depends on its severity and the dedication and commitment of the patient to the treatment, there are people who are able to totally cure or control with greater ease the symptoms of the disease.

Panic attacks in Pregnancy

Due to hormonal changes and to the concerns with the baby, it is common for anxiety to increase during pregnancy, which may favor the onset of panic attacks, especially in women who have had seizures previously.

When left untreated, this illness can cause complications to the pregnancy, such as:

  • Increased risk of pre-eclampsia;
  • Premature birth;
  • The increase in the number of caesarean sections;
  • Low weight of the baby at birth;
  • Decrease of the fetal movements.

The treatment of this syndrome during pregnancy should be based on the main in psychotherapy, because the use of drugs can affect the development of the fetus.However, in some cases the use of medication is really necessary, but it should be done in low doses and only under medical guidance. In addition, it is also important that the woman follow the treatment after the birth of the baby because during this stage the chances of having a panic attack increase.

Learn What It Is and How to Identify the Panic Attacks 1