Learn How to Franchise International Luggage on Domestic Flights!

Updated April/2014

To take advantage of the recent megapromoções of international passages, posted exclusively by the best destinations, many readers have purchased passages from other cities such as Porto Alegre or Campo Grande. The big question now is how to reconcile the baggage allowances other than domestic flights, which permit a suitcase of up to 23 kg, with the international, where the passenger can carry two suitcases with up to 32 kg each.

If this is your situation, please know that you can avoid excess baggage fees and get the international franchise also on the domestic flight, even if you have not purchased the tickets together. GOL and Avianca Brasil Airlines offer this option without cost to their passengers, while TAM and blue do not adopt this practice. In this post we will explain how it works and how to request.

  1. Baggage allowances

The first point to clarify is that airlines are obliged by law to offer their canvas luggage franchises. So all the international flight out of Brazil guarantees the passenger to take up two suitcases of 32 kg each, except for South American countries, which allow only a suitcase of up to 20 kg.

If you purchased the passage from your city connecting to another national airport, such as Sao Paulo or Rio, stay calm that your international franchise is assured from the national excerpt. For example: You bought a trip out of Goiânia to Rome, with connections in Sao Paulo and Madrid. On all flights, in Brazil and in Europe, you can carry two suitcases with 32 kg without taxes.

  1. Purchasing Separately

Whoever buys separately the national and international excerpts is not covered by the law. But as we see now that doesn’t mean you have to pay excess baggage. This is the case, for example, of who bought a promotion leaving Puerto Alegre to Orlando, but lives in São Paulo. On this flight from Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre, you will only be entitled to a 23 kg suitcase unless you request the airline to equate franchise. Here’s how to do:

2.1 Avianca Brasil

Avianca Brasil is the most generous company when it comes to honoring the franchises of international flights on its flights. Passengers who fly with the company have the possibility to take the extra baggage to the international company with which they have international flight.

“Customer of international flights with national connection in flight Avianca Brasil has a deadline of up to 6 hours from embarkation or landing to take advantage of the baggage allowance set forth by the company responsible for the international passage”, the company informed, by means of the customer service.

Segunco the company, the passenger must present its international flight ticket or return at the check-in of the Avianca to be entitled to the benefit: “No matter which company will make the international plane, it will only be necessary if you look at the time difference between embarkation and landing of flights.”

The information also appears on the website of Avianca Brasil

2.2 Goal

The goal also offered the benefit to its passengers, but it was terminated on April 3, 2014, worth only for purchases prior to this date. Now the company only honors tickets purchased together, even though domestic and international stretches are in partner companies or by GOL itself. Learn more in this post.

2.3 TAM

TAM has a more inflexible policy with regard to the baggage franchise. The company’s official position, sent to the best destinations, is that franchises will be honored only if the passages are purchased together, even if the national and international flights are operated by TAM or their LAN partner.

“The baggage allowance is deemed to be in accordance with the agreement (passage). If the domestic flight is in the same contract as the international flight, the franchise will be honored, but if the flights are in separate contracts the franchise will be separated in domestic and international, according to each contract, “the company explained. Again, this does not prevent you from trying to avoid paying the excess baggage fee with a good conversation. It often works!

Did you ever get the national company to honor the international franchise on your domestic flight? Or did you have to pay excess baggage? Tell us in the comments how it was!

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